John Lynch explains his finances, old trashman disses new guys

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“They picked it up, but my trashcan freakin’ fell apart afterwards.”
  • “They picked it up, but my trashcan freakin’ fell apart afterwards.”

Down on Don

Don Bauder recently wrote an article on 2-20-18 regarding “my money problems.” The story is filled with inaccuracies. Mr. Bauder failed to contact me for the story and I am not that difficult to reach.

John Lynch

John Lynch

While I am bewildered as to why my personal financial situation is worthy of note in a Reader article, nonetheless, I expect some truth and integrity be included in the content of the article. It appears Mr. Bauder has a personal agenda as displayed by the article. If I may, I would like to discuss each allegation made by Bauder.

1.) Marsh Roofing. I had a bill with Marsh for $1500. I have paid $1000 of the bill. At the same time Marsh provided an estimate for repairing my leak issues. His estimate was $135,000. Five other bids were in the $10,000 to $20,000 range. I became angry and didn’t pay the remaining amount of $500. Marsh placed a mechanics lien on the property and now demands I pay for the lien. So Don was accurate in saying I have an outstanding bill with Marsh. His omission, of course was to leave out the very small amount owed and the reason for non payment.

2.) American Express. Don indicates AmEx sued me. I have never ever been sued for anything. The facts were, I brought two disparate companies together under an operating agreement. I allowed the companies to utilize my personal credit card to cover travel. Ultimately, the companies did not proceed with a merger. I was left with $98,000 of travel debt on my Amex. While Amex threatened to sue, we settled by my agreeing to pay $51,000 and they would pursue others for the $47,000. NO LAWSUIT.

3.) I failed to pay my real estate taxes in December of 2017. I attach the closing statement of Capital One, my mortgage holder. It shows no late fees, and $46,000 in the escrow account. Capital One is obligated to pay the taxes and there were more than enough funds to pay. I have received no communication from the county that taxes have not been paid by Capital One.

4.) Bauder claims I sold my mortgage to Goldman Sachs. In fact, Capital One had recently refinanced my mortgage and as you can see in their statement, everything was current. Individuals do not sell mortgages.

5.) Capital One apparently sold an entire book of mortgages to Rushmore. Since, Capital One had recently refinanced my mortgage, I was surprised. My original mortgage was with Chevy Chase Savings and Loan. They went belly up and were seized by the FDIC in the mortgage crisis. Capital One purchased their entire mortgage book for pennies on the dollar. Accordingly, these mortgages may have been in a high risk pool, but I have remained current and up to date.

As an entrepreneur, I have had my successes and challenges, good times and bad. But I have lived with integrity and honesty and always have met my obligations.

I cannot allow Bauder’s untrue accusations [to] remain for consumption. I do not wish to bring further attention to Bauder, but I must ask for a retraction and simply request accuracy. Finally, I ask there be no further retaliation by Bauder. Let’s all move on.

  • John Lynch
  • Rancho Santa Fe

Bauder responds:

Lynch claims he has “never ever been sued by anybody.” But San Diego court records show he has been a defendant in suits filed by two different individuals, a credit union, Capital One Bank, and American Express Centurion Bank, among others, and has also been a respondent in appeals. He did settle with American Express Centurion Bank, but he can’t claim it didn’t sue him. It’s true that the bank sold the ailing mortgage to Goldman Sachs’s vulture fund, not Lynch. Otherwise, I stand by the item. The Reader has done several items in the past on defaults by Lynch.

Trashmen have no regard for what they're doing

Re "Trash can salvage 101," March 2: I worked for the city of San Diego trash department in 1987. That’s when they had two men on a trash truck, and everything ran great until they brought new management in, stating that they would run efficiently by doing what they do today, which was bullcrap.

These new people who are operating the trash trucks have no regard as to what they’re doing. If your trash can is not in the proper spot, they will not empty it.

You have one guy that sits behind the wheel at the controls and he is told not to leave his vehicle. He does not put hands on anything that he is working on.

Now think of it this way: why is it when you go to work, you are being paid for eight hours? Why is it that they want to charge 25 extra dollars to deliver a trash can?

I don’t know how it works. I know that the outside contractor that the city uses is the one who is making the money.

  • Hal

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