Woman accused of looting Bonsall home during fire

Patio umbrella and barbecue

Trial date for Silvercloud will be set on March 29.
  • Trial date for Silvercloud will be set on March 29.
  • Image by Eva Knott

This morning, Friday March 9, the attorney for Sacheen Fawn Silvercloud, 43, asked a judge to released her from jail on her own recognizance. Silvercloud is accused of looting a home that was evacuated during the Lilac Fire last December, 2017.

Silvercloud pleads not-guilty to first degree burglary. She has a prior DUI case, and is accused of violating her probation on a drug charge.

Defense attorney Andy Zmurkiewicz informed the judge today that the home allegedly burgled by Silvercloud was in fact vacant at the time of the alleged offense, meaning no one lived there at the time, because the former owner had passed away six months prior. Zmurkiewicz said the home was mostly cleaned out, because the home was currently for sale, and was set to close escrow soon. Zmurkiewicz said the items allegedly taken by Silvercloud included a patio umbrella and an old barbecue unit, he said a witness estimated the alleged stolen loot at just $100 in value.

The attorney for Silvercloud further informed the court that the danger from the Lilac Fire was over, and the evacuation order had been lifted for that area, Gopher Canyon in Bonsall, and so the accused could not have looted a home during a declared emergency.

Prosecutor Teresa Pham protested that the woman who was formerly caretaker for the homeowner was still living in the home, and because the evacuation order had only just been lifted, that caretaker was actually enroute back to that house when Silvercloud was caught on the property, with stolen items in her car. The prosecutor said some of the caretaker’s possessions, including her dresser and sleeping accomodations, were still inside the home.

Judge K. Michael Kirkman noticed that Silvercloud has multiple previous Failures To Appear, for her prior court cases. The judge inquired about the defendant’s current circumstances, and her attorney said that Silvercloud’s brother, with whom she had worked previously in their own cleaning business, still lives in San Diego County and that she might be able to stay with him.

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It is really a serious issue faced by every women. We should take right actions on it

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Silvercloud is currently held in Las Colinas women's jail in lieu of $56,000 bail. She is next due in court on March 29, to set a date for jury trial.

She wasn't looting just saving the property from the fire.

Gosh I don't remember the defense attorney saying that, but when I look again at this photo from yesterday morning, that might be what Sacheen is saying with her eyes. Have you gotten your doctorate in jurisprudence? The public defender's office might value your thinking.

I have an extensive legal background. Not a lawyer however.

If this is the worst case of looting that came out of that fire, the victims got off easily. The charges appear to be motivated by a desire to show zero tolerance for any kind of looting, and she is going to be an example.

An old barbecue and a (probably) old umbrella are hardly worth the prosecutorial time and expense. What was SHE thinking when she stole (or appropriated) them? But with that law that treats theft by looting a home during a declared emergency on the books, what would be a rather minor misdemeanor rises to a serious felony. Aw shucks.

We HAVE to have zero-tolerance for looting. Frankly, looters and rioters should be shot on sight. Looting represents a fundamental breakdown of society that spreads like wildfire if not nipped in the bud.

We're talking about a thief, a repeat criminal, and someone with multiple FTAs. She needs a long, long prison sentence; not another slap on the hand to be sent out to victimize more people.

If this case goes to trial, we probably will get a list and photos of the alleged loot. First degree burglary, by itself, is a felony.

The junk was going to burn up anyway. Is she American Indian, Silvercloud? Gotcha again?

Sacheen Silvercloud made a plea deal on March 29, 2018.
Her handwritten statement is: “During and within an affected county in a local emergency resulting from fire I violated Penal code 459 punishable as a second degree burlgary per penal codes 461 subd 2. Intent to steal.” Judge Kirkman, prosecutor C. Ryan, and her attorney A.P. Zmurkiewircz signed off on the felony plea deal. Her misdemeanor drug case (possession of drug paraphernalia) was dismissed as part of the deal. Silvercloud got credit for 121 actual days in custody and 120 more days credit for "good behavior" and was released into 3 years formal probation.

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

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