Doctor reprimanded for not reporting girl’s woes

To Child Protective Services

The Medical Board of California has given a public reprimand to Diane Darlene Wong, M.D. for not reporting a girl’s genital problems to Child Protective Services. Dr. Wong treated a girl, born in 2003, for genital problems, between 2012 and 2014.

The girl suffered from several medical woes such as chronic vaginal pain and infection. Among many things, Wong treated the girl for a sexually transmitted disease without investigating its possible causes and without referring the patient to Child Protective Services.

Wong failed to review the girl’s past medical history during visits, said the board. Wong also failed to question or evaluate the possibility of sexual abuse by the parents or others, said the board.

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Obvious abuse. When you see something say something. She's mandated to figure it out and report it. What else did Dr Harm 'em and forget 'em, negligent stupid-in-training, do to who?

shirleyberan: In going over the medical board's report, I kept asking myself why and how a doctor could have overlooked these responsibilities. Perhaps Dr. Wong was too busy and had too many patients. Best, Don Bauder

AlexClarke:: We always welcome punsters, even in such a serious matter. Best, Don Bauder

Thomas Weller: Yes, very sad. Best, Don Bauder

Is there more to the story, as in have the parents or others been accused with abuse? The whole matter is dangling with no real resolution of the particular patient's situation.

Visduh: The board reprimanded the doctor for not questioning or evaluating the girl for parental or non-parental sexual abuse. Best, Don Bauder

Is ignoring or covering up child abuse a thing in San Diego/California? Seems people charged with protecting children are failing across the board - school districts, politicians, religion, doctors, etc.. How many doctors are out there providing under the radar medical services to human traffickers, child abusers and sex slavers to make sure their "product" is in good condition? Perhaps it was not intentional in this particular case. They probably don't make records when it is.

Jefferson1776: Prostitutes need medical checkups. I know that in Illinois in the 1950s there were signs in a bordello indicating that doctors had checked the women. It was state law, I believe. In brothels of the early 1900s, prostitutes occasionally got pregnant and local doctors would give them abortions.Best, Don Bauder

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