Worst show at the Epicentre

I forgot to bring my capo

Alex Lievanos: “I forgot to bring my capo.”
  • Alex Lievanos: “I forgot to bring my capo.”

San Diego native Alex Lievanos, 21, sings, writes songs, and plays several instruments. In advance of coming back to SOMA on July 7 (opening for the Grove Collective), he took questions over email.

Where in SD are you from, and what were your most important musical experiences?

Grew up in Spring Valley. Most important memory growing up was my mother having a grand piano in her room and three-year-old me playing on it. I taught myself songs I would hear on my mother’s radio and on her CDs.

Which instruments do you play, learned in which order?

I learned the piano first when I was three. I started singing when I was five. I then started learning the guitar when I was eight. I played the drums when I was twelve, and the bass when I was thirteen. I also dabble on the ukelele and melodica.

Past Event

The Grove Collective and Wee Beasties

  • Saturday, July 7, 2018, 7 p.m.
  • Soma, 3350 Sports Arena Boulevard, San Diego
  • $10

Best, worst, and strangest live shows?

My best show would have to be opening for alternative rock band Hunny at SOMA, back in August of last year. I usually perform shows at SOMA. They have the nicest people to work with there, and the community has been very supportive.

Lestat’s is a venue that I love. The vibe is very laid back and Louis works very hard on making every show a great one. I’ve also performed at House of Blues and Coyote Music Festival at Cuyamaca College.

My worst show was at the Epicentre in Mira Mesa about four years ago. It was one of my first times playing an acoustic show, and I forgot to bring my capo. During the first song, a string broke on my guitar and none of the bands performing that night had an extra acoustic guitar for me to use. I laughed it off during the show but it was one of the most stressful shows I’ve played.

You’re putting the finishing touches on your first EP Nights Like These. Who produced it, and where was it recorded?

Peter Duff helped me produce the EP. I recorded the guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards at home. The vocals were recorded at Peter’s studio called the Grey Brick Recording Studio [in Lemon Grove] where he mixed and mastered it. He is an incredible person to work with and made my songs sound so much better! He performs in a punk band called Hard to Hit.

What’s in the future for you?

I plan on making a full-length album to be released next year. I’m also planning on performing more shows now that my EP is finished. I’m also going to try to collaborate with more artists in the San Diego area.

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