Bird scooter smashes BMW on Mission Blvd.

Walk-away caught on video

"He was getting up from the ground where his Bird scooter was and he began to walk away.”
  • "He was getting up from the ground where his Bird scooter was and he began to walk away.”

On June 15, Seda Onek spoke to the Bird company in Santa Monica in hopes to square up on more than $1600 worth of damage done to her 2013 BMW 328i on Memorial Day weekend.

"The repair estimate is $1672.29."

"The repair estimate is $1672.29."

“They’re giving us the run-around,” Onek said. “I have informed Bird that I would be pursuing legal action if we can’t resolve this issue in the next few weeks.”

On May 26 at around 2 p.m., Onek, a Pacific Beach resident, heard someone crash into her black BMW from inside her Mission Boulevard apartment.

“He (the Bird rider) was on the ground,” she said, “and by the time I got my shoes on and began to go downstairs, he was getting up from the ground where his Bird scooter was and he began to walk away.”

Onek then yelled as he ran northbound past Law Street.

Bird scooter accident

Rider walks away

Rider walks away

“So I began recording him on my phone,” she said. “He’s the one in the gray shirt on the right and the other guy also on a motorized scooter, that’s his friend.”

She took photos of the crash scene, which shows her passenger side mirror broken off. “I realized there were dents and scratches on my front passenger side quarter panel.”

Onek posted a photo of the rider fleeing the scene on her social media.

“Oops, he’s going to feel that tomorrow,” responded one neighbor. Another said “The scooter will have his info and probably have liability insurance.”

On the Bird website, it says, "Rider agrees that he/she is responsible and liable for any misuse, consequences, claims, demands, causes of action, losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, costs and expenses, penalties, attorney’s fees, judgments, suits or disbursements of any kind or nature whatsoever related to a stolen or lost Vehicle.”

“The police officer said that most likely my insurance would chase this,” Onek said.

On that same weekend, in Pacific Beach and Mission Beach, $200-$300 citations were given out by the SDPD to Bird riders for not wearing helmets. On the boardwalk, which is a block west from the crash scene, a couple of riders were allegedly arrested for “scooting under the influence.”

“I had to pay to have [the BMW] fixed so that I could drive to and from work,” Onek said, “the estimate is $1672.29 and I paid for the $286.82 rental car out of pocket."

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Mayor Kevin/City Council...Get a clue! The scooter problems are just beginning...You morons sit on your thumbs and do nothing! The Mission Beach Boardwalk is already a mess with these things...Many of the riders are reckless (and clueless) as evidenced by the helmet tickets, DUI incident, and now the hit and run incident. How many injury and property damage law suits will it take before you do the right thing? How much money will the taxpayers have to shell out in liability awards because of your short-sightedness and greed? Unbelievable!

Herkimer, did you contact the mayor and your councilmember directly? I don't think they are dropping by here to read your comments to them. ;-)

...I'm not a resident of the city of San Diego...I reside in La Mesa. I do exercise 4 days a week on the Boardwalk in Mission Beach. San Diego citizens have obviously voiced concern with someone with the city as indicated by police enforcement of helmet violations upon scooter riders over the past 2 weekends at the beach. Perhaps voting residents of the City that follow City politics via the Reader can pick up the torch and get something done... How about you?

I don't write on that particular subject for the Reader. And I'm not an activist.

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