A thief, a thief, a thief, a thief, a thief...

Our friendship is ceased and null

“I was gonna take Lyft and I wanted to check my balance. I had a negative fourteen cents. She took my very last dollar.”

A woman identified as “Sharon” testified this morning that her former roommate stole her debit card and used it for a week, starting May 7, 2018.

Shiona Marie Derollo, 43, pleaded not-guilty today, June 11, to felony use of another’s identity to commit petty theft. Former roommate Sharon said it was May 14 when she found her debit card had a negative balance.

Sharon said she has known DeRollo six years but “Our friendship is ceased and null. Because she had a drinking problem. She broke into our house twice.”

The total fraudulent purchases added up to $138, according to testimony.

San Diego County Sheriff’s detective Andy Julian said he was notified of a possible debit-card theft on May 15, 2018. He researched transactions on that card from May 7 through May 14 of this year. Some of those transactions included a $10 purchase at Emerald Spirits in Vista, a $15 gasoline purchase at Arco in Escondido, a $26 purchase at El Norte Liquor in Escondido, a $21 purchase at a CVS in Escondido, and an undeclared amount purchased through Square Limo & Taxi service.

Prosecutor Peter Estes charged 9 fraudulent uses of another’s ID as felonies, plus 9 petty thefts as misdemeanors, 18 counts charged total.

Detective Julian said he was able to verify it was Derollo making purchases at Emerald Spirits in Vista because,“They had HD quality video at that location.”

On cross examination, the detective admitted he did not find any of the alleged stolen items in her possession. And, “I did not find the card on her.”

Derollo was arrested on May 24. She is held in the Las Colinas detention facility in lieu of $55,000 bail. Derollo is described in jail records as 5 feet 3 inches tall and 120 pounds. Records show she has a prior, misdemeanor DUI case.

Defense attorney Jeremy Burland pleaded with the court to reduce all charges to misdemeanors. Burland said of the 43-year-old woman, “She has zero criminal convictions.” He said Derollo is the mother of an 8-year-old and a 12-year-old and “She is in the midst of a separation, that is a lot for anyone to deal with, she is not divorced yet. She has made a major error in judgement.”

Prosecutor Estes told the judge that although he did not charge a burglary, “She was unwelcomed in that home, she was finally removed by law enforcement.”

Honorable judge Timothy Casserly did reduce the felony charges to misdemeanors. And then he said, “She’s still a thief, a thief, a thief, a thief, a thief, a thief, a thief, a thief, a thief…” counting off the nine offenses listed in the criminal complaint.

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Never use a debit card. With a credit card you can challenge any charge with a debit card your money is gone and you have to argue with the bank to get your money back.

That depends on how you do the transaction. You can use your debit card with a pin (debit transaction) or as a credit card (no pin).

Shiona Marie Derollo is currently held at the Las Colinas women's jail in Santee, in lieu of $55,000 bail. She pleads not-guilty to all the misdemeanors, and the matter has been sent to a lower court that usually settles things in a plea deal. Derollo is next due in court on June 18, 2018.

“She has zero criminal convictions.” So what? One can say that about anyone who commits a crime for the first time. She committed multiple crimes and should pay the consequences. She will learn nothing and will be in court again.

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