Women in Hollywood

Ocean's 8, Hereditary and more "women's pictures" among this week's new movie releases

The feisty, heisty women of Ocean's 8
  • The feisty, heisty women of Ocean's 8

Well, director Colin Treverrow (Safety Not Guaranteed, Jurassic World, and um, The Book of Henry) went and gave a barn-burner of an interview to the good people at Uproxx that should have folks talking about women behind the camera for a few days more at least. In the meantime, there are plenty of women in front of the camera this week, including a whole bunch in the female Ocean's spinoff Ocean's 8. Jodie Foster's tough-mother appeal manages to make it past her oddly slippery accent in the diverting Hotel Artemis, and Toni Collette leaves everything on the screen in the harrowing Hereditary. Plus, there's Elle Fanning as Mary Shelley, the woman who wrote the book that gave us Guillermo del Toro's favorite monster!

To make up for all those onscreen feminine-type people, you've got four dudes playing four other dudes in American Animals, plus the presence of those four other dudes as commentary track. And you've got a dude out for vengeance because of a dead girl in Believer.

Also opening: Strangers on the Earth follows Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago on The Way, and brings a cello along to help ease the journey.

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Some critics were crowning "Heredity" as a "classic" even before its general release! It only lived up to the first two acts, then fell apart with a crash!

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