Birth rates fall most where home prices rise fastest

San Diego, Los. Angeles make the case

Choosing house over kids (click to enlarge)

Choosing house over kids (click to enlarge)

“Birth rates are dropping most in counties with the fastest-appreciating home values,” says Zillow.com.

Reason: “Quickly rising home prices are likely contributing to couples deciding to hold off having kids — most want to be financially stable before becomiing parents,” says the real estate research firm.

San Diego and Los Angeles are the best examples, says Zillow. In 2016 in San Diego, 1,148 fewer babies were born than expected. In Los Angeles, the shortfall was 2,588 babies. Between 2010 and 2016, San Diego home prices rose 34 percent and Los Angeles prices rose 31 percent. The drop in the birth rate in those years was 19 percent in San Diego and 17 percent in Los Angeles.

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Who has time for intimacy if a couple is working their rears off to make the mortgage/rent payment, pay for two new car leases, and go to sleep each night knowing they are a paycheck away from disaster. Best to you Don.

the only entertainment they can afford ?

Murphyjunk: It may be the only entertainment they can afford, but it is by far the most satisfying entertainment. Best, Don Bauder

until the bills come in all too soon.

a lack of fund ain't stopping that groove thang baby yeah yeah

shirleyberan: No funds, no fun? Best, Don Bauder

Murphyjunk: Bills? This kind of entertainment comes first. Best, Don Bauder

Come on now. There's ALWAYS time for that.

Darren: Excellent point. San Diego's population goes up slightly each year, but mainly because of in-migration, not babies. Best, Don Bauder

Maybe more educated use birth control methods, time to create opportunity to buy real estate in desirable neighborhoods OR there's more men who say they hate hookers but really love them in those urban areas. (haha)

shirleyberan: It is a defensible generality that more intelligent people use some kind of birth control method, although some deeply religious people could be an exception. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder, Some would say that that it is a defensible generality that highly intelligent people and deeply religious people tend to be mutually exclusive.

shirleyberan: My guess is that the more educated women and men are, the more likely they are to use birth control methods. I will bet there data on that. Best, Don Bauder

Most, if not all, countries that value education have lower birth rates. Countries that are poor and where education is not valued the birth rate is higher as is the infant mortality rate. Education is the key.

AlexClarke: I never should have used the words "I guess." Of course the countries whose citizens are better educated use birth control more. Much research has been done on that. Best, Don Bauder

A local gentleman, Robert Klark Graham, had an unusual attitude toward reproduction. (He's the guy who created the Repository for Germinal Choice (Nobel Sperm Bank).) He used to preach and advertise this phrase "The more intelligent you are, the more children you should have."

A Slate writer called him a eugenicist. "Part altruism, part social engineering, part science experiment, the repository was supposed to help reverse the genetic decay Graham saw all around him by preserving and multiplying the best genes of his generation. By the time Graham's repository closed in 1999, his genius sperm had been responsible for more than 200 children."

swell: I will never forget when one of the greatest economists of the 20th century, Milton Friedman, visited San Diego. A TV newsman asked him if he had donated to the sperm bank. He laughed and said he hadn't even been asked. Best, Don Bauder

I really liked Mr Friedman's free market ideas. Unfortunately all the corporations have consolidated and convinced Washington that they need welfare. There is no more free market. Try to choose your cable provider or energy supplier.

swell: Corporations get so much government welfare that free market capitalism has been severely eroded. Best, Don Bauder

Stories like this always make me think of the Mike Judge movie "Idiocracy." That movie was a vision into the future. President Camacho anyone?

mb121: I haven't seen that movie. Sounds like a good one. Best, Don Bauder

Can't remember if I've seen it but I like those actors, Wiki says about a future president who's not qualified, dystopia, good instincts Judge and mb121, gonna look for it.

shirleyberan: What's the use of a movie when we are living it now? Best, Don Baudere

If you've never seen it, stream "The President's Analyst" (1967), a brilliant spy satire about paranoia, world affairs and a Presidential shrink on the lam.

dwbat: Sounds intriguing. Best, Don Bauder

It "sounds intriguing" because it IS! Watching it is even better.

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