Wedding ring in Mission Beach sand found

Big metal detector

Mark Rubey: "I have a big coil for more coverage.”
  • Mark Rubey: "I have a big coil for more coverage.”

On May 29, Eric Pomroy, 32, was playing volleyball on the Mission Beach beachfront with his buddies. He gave his wedding ring to his buddy to safeguard, so he could spike the ball without worrying.

He gave his wedding ring to his buddy to safeguard.

He gave his wedding ring to his buddy to safeguard.

Then at about 7:30 p.m, “My stomach dropped when I heard the “shit … uh Eric,” from my friend,” Pomroy said. “Everyone stopped the game and we all got on our hands and knees shifting through the sand and that didn’t work.”

Pomroy logged onto his Facebook at about 7:50 p.m., and put the word out. Someone then referred him to Mark Rubey from the Ring Finders website, which is an “online directory of metal detecting specialists that will help people find their lost jewelry at beaches, parks, lakes and yards all around the world.”

Eric Pomroy: “My buddy who lost the ring ponied up too.”

Eric Pomroy: “My buddy who lost the ring ponied up too.”

“They knew approximately where it should be,” Rubey said, “but sifting through the sand with their fingers and even borrowing a metal detector from the lifeguards, didn’t help.”

At about 8:45 p.m., they rendezvoused back at the beach by the 3300 Ocean Front Walk address where it Ts into Santa Barbara Place (about four blocks north from the lifeguard office on the boardwalk).

Rubey’s been been metal-detecting for 48 years and has been a part of the Ring Finders since 2010.

“I used a Minelab Etrac to find Eric’s ring,” Rubey said, “mainly because I have a big coil for it for more coverage.”

Then within five minutes, the ring was found, and Pomroy posted the info online before he came home.

His wife commented “Love you babe (followed by a heart emoticon).”

On Saturday (May 26), at about noon, Rubey was called to the same beach by Matt who was visiting from Minnesota.

“It seems he was playing ball out in the waves with a friend,” Rubey said, “and while catching the ball, it smacked his hand sending his gold wedding band flying into the surf.”

The water was at low tide and it was knee to thigh deep.

Rubey came to the rescue with fellow ring-finder member, Tony Eisenhower, who also brought his grandson.

“It was fairly rough surf and quite a bit of kelp to tangle us,” Rubey said. “Out we went with Tony and myself using our new Equinox 800s, and Tony’s grandson with the Excalibur. After about 20-30 minutes and no signals, guess who finally gets a good sound? Yup, the 21-year-old grandson, showing us both up.”

Rubey said that he found three rings since the Memorial Day weekend started. He charges a flat rate of $25 to travel within 30 miles from his La Jolla home-base, and the customer can tip him what they think is suitable if he finds the ring or lost item.

“He (Rubey) seemed pleased with what I gave him which was by no means an arm and a leg, but still a decent amount,” Pomroy said. “My buddy, who lost the ring ponied up too.”

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What a wonderful service. I can hear the jingle now: "Who you gonna call?....Ring Finders!"

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