Publication takes fun jabs at posh exurbs

Rancho Santa Fe gets a roast

Rancho Santa Fe
  • Rancho Santa Fe

The publication Business Insider currently features snarky jabs at the nation's richest exurbs and suburbs such as Wellesley, Massachusetts; Kenilworth, Illinois, and Los Altos Hills, and Atherton, California.

Rancho Santa Fe comes in for a few jabs. “You can only join the spectacularly endowed Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club if you own a place within the Covenant, which is basically an elite community within an elite community, the Navy Seals of wealthy-people living,” says the publication.

Final jab: “Do you want to be close to Del Mar without dealing with the riffraff that might use that public pool that everyone calls the Pacific Ocean? Well, we’ve got a deal for you, if by ‘deal’ you mean a $4 million house with a $400-a-month watering bill."

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Those comments were scarcely up to the standards of the publication. Neither was very telling, and were not amusing. If someone really wanted to skewer RSF or any of the others mentioned, they could. RSF provides plenty of ammunition every week.

Visduh:It's my understanding that Barrington has gone to seed but Barrington Hills is holding its own. Best, Don Bauder

Visduh: Gee, I thought the comments were clever. Best, Don Bauder

Well now I feel snubbed. My home town, Barrington IL, doesn't seem to be mentioned. Apparently the 7th wealthiest in the nation, it deserves all the criticism that the others earned. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrington,_Illinois

Swell: Yes, Barrington is not mentioned. Best, Don Bauder

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