SD City College instructors plan protest

Colleagues' lawsuit vs. administration strikes a chord

Instructors at San Diego City College will stage a protest Monday (January 29th) from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the Arts and Humanities Building, 1442-1494 C Street. They will be supporting a lawsuit filed December 12, 2017, in which three instructors charged the San Diego Community College District and two supervisors for civil rights violations, retaliation, hostile work environment and other alleged abuses.

The supervisors hit with the suit were Rosalinda Sandoval of the Spanish department and Trudy Gerald, Sandoval’s supervisor. The three instructors filing the suit were Salvador Gonzalez, David Becerra, and Antonio Jiminez, who cited a number of actions against them that they considered abusive and prejudicial.

Becerra says that undergraduate students may march in support of the three plaintiffs at a later date. Jack Beresford, director of communications and public relations for the district, would not comment.

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Don "Filner Was Lynched" Bauder carrying water for the "men's rights" movement? You don't say...

Where in the text of that article does it suggest the lawsuit has "struck a chord"? Who has it "struck a chord" with? Name one person other than the plaintiffs. One. Who is expected to attend other than the three people who filed the suit? And what gives an instructor the right to say that "undergraduate students may march in support..."? What gives an instructor the right to excuse students from another instructor's class? And who are these undergraduates who may support them? There's nothing there. No there there at all. How about a link to the lawsuit (I would love to see who is counsel for the plaintiffs)? How about anything? I mean, it would take this fraud of a reporter actually calling people and perhaps even setting foot in San Diego, so I guess I'm expecting too much. But is it expecting too much for this fraud reporter to even name the court in which the suit has been filed? I mean, even junior high school students know to do that much...

It's the first day of the semester. Don't these guys have classes to teach?

petezanko: There may have been a link to the lawsuit in the Reader's original story about the sit Dec. 14, 2017.

If there is no "there" there, I would think the suit will not succeed. Best, Don Bauder

petezanko: I want to add another point. Throughout U.S. upper education, adjuncts are vastly underpaid and treated like second-class citizens, despite the fact that they often have bettter degrees than tenured faculty, and have gotten better research published.

One day there will be a revolt with nationwide implications. That's one reason I have done two items on this story. The three plaintiffs are essentially adjuncts. Best, Don Bauder

So, in other words, no answers for your incomplete reporting?

Best, Pete Zanko

Not one person, Bauder could name, who this "struck a chord with." Not a one.

Which court, Bauder? I mean, that can't be too hard to find, even from Colorado...

petezanko 1,2,3: The court should have been reported initially. Best, Don Bauder

Oh, and as for adjuncts... No one forced them to take a bad job.

petezanko, 4: Love of learning probably pulls them in. If one gets a PhD in a difficult field, it is not rewarding to take a job teaching kindergarten. Best, Don Bauder

"Throughout U.S. upper education, adjuncts are vastly underpaid and treated like second-class citizens, despite the fact that they often have bettter degrees than tenured faculty, and have gotten better research published."

That may very well be true, but why do they continue to do that work?

Wabbitsd: Because they love the work. Other underpaid people who love their work are teachers (mostly), journalists, etc. I do think adjuncts will rebel across the U.S. at some point, but I have thought that for a long time and it hasn't happened. Best, Don Bauder

There will be no rebellion, Bauder. You speak like someone on the International Socialist Organization payroll. Anyway, the instructors are underpaid, but that doesn't give them the right to take away from classroom time to whine about their own problems, nor distract students on campus. Mostly, though, I'm just sick of this shitty reporter getting paid for doing a half-ass job "reporting." Come to San Diego, Don. You might learn something.

petezanko: "Shitty reporter getting paid for doing a half-ass job 'reporting'" is redundant. Best, Don Bauder

Damn straight, Wabbit. No one put a gun to their head. They have agency. If you don't like it, leave the room.

petezanko: And if you don't like someone's writing, don't read it. Best, Don Bauder

Wabbitsd: Dedication to science is often the explanation. Best, Don Bauder

Maybe because they feel called to teach, Wabbit.

Joaquin_de_la_Mesa: Called to teach and to do research. Best, Don Bauder

The adjuncts I had at City were either very good teachers, but not researchers, or very bad teachers who did research by watching RTV. None were researchers. City's not about research. It's a combination of skills-training, remedial education for S.D. high school grads, a place for unemployed people to learn something new, and a way to occupy one's time between jobs. It is not a research institution. If a City College adjunct cures cancer, I'll stand corrected. Until then, stop aiding the "men's rights" movement. This, after all, is a campus where a man murdered his wife.

petezanko: I began this string of comment on adjuncts saying, "throughout U.S. upper education." You have narrowed the focus to adjuncts at San Diego City College. Best, Don Bauder

That happens every day. Half the ballot measures in this city qualified because petition gatherers gave incomplete descriptions of their measures to passing students. Every single day on City's campus you can find someone collecting signatures for one thing or another. They just don't usually have a Colorado-based reporter carrying water for them.

petezanko: I don't know anybody on either side of this donnybrook. Do you? I deemed the matter worthy of a blog item, and judging from the response, it appears that it was.

I hope we can widen the discussion on adjuncts. Best, Don Bauder

Arnieds: The interpretation you added should expand the discussion. Best, Don Bauder

In the 70's I was a student at the San Diego hubbub of diversity downtown, SDCC. Went to Grossmont Jr college as well. Seems to me there is an institutionalized plan to under-employ and underpay educated professionals, even after the student loan debt trap. Many take whatever work they can find. Masters degree now not enough to guarantee a good living.

shirleyberan: No degree can GUARANTEE a good living. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: But capital letters draw attention. Best, Don Bauder

I'm thinking the lawsuit might come from some financial frustration and the mad-blogger here is not making changes from what pisses him off in life either. Arrested development?

shirleyberan: I don't criticize my critics. Best, Don Bauder

Interesting that so many who ruined Filner for so little, forgive Trump for so much. Moral crusades are only for saints and hypocrites. Better to sue. I hope they can settle this case without hysteria, but from the antic posturings this blog has provoked, this might get big.

Psycholizard: Billy Graham's son,now 70, was quoted on TV saying that, after all, the alleged affair with the porn star happened five years ago. A man can change in that time, he said. Hmmmm. Best, Don Bauder

The libido might decline, but the morals won't change. But the morals aren't the problem, It's the confusion.

Psycholizard: Thiis aberrant behavior is deeply inculcated. Best, Don Bauder

I agree with psycholazer. I went to SDSU for the next level and I think it's pretty obvious who has their stuff together and who doesn't.

shirleyberan: Psycholizard is wise. Best, Don Bauder

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