Hidden gems: Life of Pi and In Bruges

Under the public radar

Glad to be proven wrong on Life of PI.
  • Glad to be proven wrong on Life of PI.

People always dread when their favorite novel gets adapted into another medium. So you can imagine how I felt when I heard Ang Lee was going to direct Life of Pi. But I was never so glad to be proven wrong.

  • (USA/Taiwan/UK) 2012,
  • Fox 2000 Pictures
  • Available on YouTube and Amazon Video

Back in college, I had the chance to watch many hidden gems that slipped under the public’s radar. One film that stood out was In Bruges. A hitman goes into hiding in the city of Bruges after he botches an operation. His boss didn’t like the way things went so he sends a new hitman after the old one and chaos ensues. Dark, witty, with unexpected turns and shows an amazing sense of visual storytelling.

  • (USA/UK) 2008, Focus Features
  • Available on Amazon Video and Vudu

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