At least a Netflix binger branches out

Better than re-watching your faves over and over

Northern Exposure. There’s always something new!
  • Northern Exposure. There’s always something new!

Dear Hipster: In terms of addictive behaviors, is it worse to binge-watch a Netflix show that you don’t even like, or to re-watch old shows and movies that you do like, but that you’ve seen many times before? My friend and I disagree on this. He thinks the former is worse because it reveals the sad depths to which the TV-addicted viewer will sink in pursuit of digital stimulation. I vote for the latter, because at least the addicted watcher has the creativity to branch out a little bit. What say you? Settle this for us. — Brandon

Y’all just keep the randomness coming this week, eh? I can solve this without resorting to some sort of Solomonic decision, because the proverbial cake can be both had and eaten by you two. The shame of your (hypothetical?) media addiction vanishes in the first instance if the detested show is watched purely in a “know thy enemy” capacity, so that the watcher is ready whenever the opportunity for a vicious takedown presents itself. In the second scenario, the watching must occur in the manner of a devoted acolyte, e.g., you must be the kind of person who can say, “No matter how many times you re-watch Northern Exposure, there’s always something new!”

Be at peace, friends.

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