Sara Jacobs, 29, runs for Congress

Cosmo’s political science

Sara Jacobs (in Cosmopolitan) says she’s a “Charlotte” — a term Urban Dictionary defines in so many ways, flattering and otherwise.
  • Sara Jacobs (in Cosmopolitan) says she’s a “Charlotte” — a term Urban Dictionary defines in so many ways, flattering and otherwise.

What does a self-financed multimillion-dollar bid for Congress get you? For starters, a profile by Cosmopolitan, the go-to magazine and website for fashionistas. The candidate in question is Sara Jacobs, a granddaughter of La Jolla billionaire and Qualcomm cofounder Irwin Jacobs, whose connections to Manhattan’s public relations mill have previously been tapped to bolster the political career of another Jacobs favorite, Republican-turned-Democrat Nathan Fletcher.

“It’s 5:30 p.m. at a trendy brewpub in Encinitas, California, with 25 beers on draft, and Sara Jacobs can’t have any of them,” begins the February 21 profile of the young Democrat, running in a crowded primary to fill the shoes of departing Republican congressman Darrell Issa in the 49th District. The story explains Jacobs forgot her California ID. “In a year when a record number of women are running for office, Jacobs, 29, stands out: If she wins her race, in California’s 49th district, she could be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.” How likely is that? Despite coming up with $1.1 million of her own money for the campaign so far, Jacobs has polled well down in the current pack of 12 candidates, garnering just 5 percent in a recent Union-Tribune/10News survey.

But Cosmo bears no particularly bad tidings. “Jacobs doesn’t try to hide the fact that she’s 29: She tells me she’s a Charlotte, likes to use the poop emoji, and is steeped in America’s Next Top Model. (When a photographer, also a woman in her twenties, encourages her to ‘smize,’ she delivers a self-assured gaze that would make Tyra Banks proud.) She is constantly connected to her iPhone to tweet and Snapchat.”

Adds the story, “Here is an incomplete list of the suggestions Jacobs has fielded on how to be a better candidate for Congress: Wear your hair straighter. No, add more curls. Actually, make it more ‘voluptuous.’ Inflect the end of your sentences down, not up — upspeak doesn’t inspire confidence. Shoot some ads on the beach in your bikini to corner the male vote. Stop being so obsessed with talking about your gender. Lose the frozen, forced smile. Speak like a grown-up, not a college kid. Don’t call voters after 8 p.m. — their wives might think you’re up to no good.”

But the Cosmo piece blew up for Jacobs when foes began attacking her apparent allusion to rival Democrat Doug Applegate as a “crusty old Marine,” and she was forced to apologize.

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Jacobs' vanity candidacy is a crime and her speaking voice is too high to take what she says seriously. That someone like Jacobs can siphon away even one vote from the original stalwart Dem challenger of Republican congressman Darryl Issa -- ex-Marine Col. Doug Applegate who nearly beat Issa in 2016 -- seems deeply unfair. But politics is a bloodsport, and there are now so many Democrats in this race for Issa's open congressional seat that they may cancel each other out, returning the office to the GOP.

It's a "crime" for a young, mostly unknown woman to run for Congress? Sounds like what WASP men said in the 1960s. Or was that last month? Did you even read her background? Here's more from the article: "She studied international affairs at Columbia, getting her bachelor’s and then her master’s. She had a six-month stint at the United Nations and clocked eight months at UNICEF before landing a job working on conflict resolution and prevention as a contractor at the State Department under President Obama. She then worked as an unpaid foreign policy adviser on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign." Sounds rather impressive to me. Especially better qualified than an obnoxious Republican guy who made loud, annoying car alarms for a living.

Do you believe everything you read? Remind me what magazine this was in. Six months here, eight months there, and a grandfather who bankrolls both Obama and Hillary and also holds high-cost fund-raisers for them at his La Jolla home? Issa is gone. What matters is who replaces him. When Ms. Jacobs recently presented this same dreamy resume before a gathering of local Democratic women, seeking their endorsement, she didn't get it.

The second sentence in the article says it is Cosmopolitan (in a blue font). How could you miss seeing that? If you click on it, it takes you to the magazine article. That is so easy.

"her speaking voice is too high to take what she says seriously?"


Funny that you don't name any of the male candidates who might "siphon away" a vote from your candidate. Men have every right to run, but women are just siphoning away votes from "stalwart" men? That's a load of BS.

Hey, Matt101, this is the USofA where pretty much anybody can do anything they please, including change their gender and their pronouns. It is a great country. Anyone is free to be -- or even run for office, like Sara: a slog becomes a fun adventure when grandad pays the bill. The only"stalwart" in the race for Issa's seat is Doug Applegate, in my humble opinion, because he's the person who challenged Issa two years ago and nearly won election. That's when Issa was still a powerhouse incumbent and female candidacy was not yet its own fashionable reward.

So now we're seeing your prejudice against gender change? No wonder you won't reveal your real identity here.

It's Darrell (NOT "Darryl") Issa. And please stop criticizing Jacobs' voice. That's the sort of thing that mean kids do in middle school.

Ms Jacobs could well be an intelligent and well intentioned young woman. But there is just no replacement for experience. It seems that instead of "paying her dues" in politics by running for, and getting elected to, some sort of local office she seems to feel she can buy her way into not having pay her dues. I understand we live in a world where you can pay for people to wait in line for you, or pay to go back stage at a concert. I'm sure that Ms Jacobs has grew up accustomed to the access financial privilege allows you, and therefore feels like reality to her. But I am concerned there are just things you can only learn by being in the trenches and the fights of politics for a while. I would much prefer work to elect a Democrat to take over Issa's seat who isn't learning as much as she will need to learn about life and politics on the campaign and the job, at our expense. I hope she comes to understand this soon enough to not damage the Democrats chances of taking this seat.

I don't think Ms. Jacobs needs any advice about when she can run for office. P.S. "Ms. Jacobs has grew up"?? Perhaps you meant: grown up

People used to start their political journey in law school.

You don't have to be a lawyer to run for political office. Oklahoma US senator/governor Henry Bellmon got his bachelor's degree in agriculture. When asked what his background was, he'd reply proudly: "I'm a farmer." The way our founding fathers envisioned it, serving in Congress was never meant to be a career. It was temporary public service by men from various professions and backgrounds. We have forgotten what "public service" really means.

  1. Thanks for the news flash about not having to be a lawyer to run for office.
  2. Thanks for naming Cosmopolitan as the source of the Jacobs puff-piece.
  3. Thanks for correcting a commenter's grammar: the message still stands.
  4. Your more-the-merrier thesis could well cost Democrats seats in Congress.
  5. MeToo Rocks except when someone is unjustly destroyed by unsubstantiated claims.

Actually, Matt Potter named Cosmopolitan in his article. I just repeated it, as you didn't seei it. ;-) Sara Jacobs (or me) cannot be blamed if Democrats don't get enough seats. That's like blaming Hillary for the GOP's Pyrrhic victory.

There is strategy involved in running and winning seats in Congress, especially given California's top-two Primary system. Grossly unqualified newbies like Ms. Jacobs should not gum up the works with vanity trial-runs when the outcome matters so much. Why doesn't she run for School Board? San Diego Unified could use some new blood and many of those losers are running unopposed.

Who are YOU to say she's "Grossly unqualified" for a House seat? Did you recently become the new Speaker of the House? I missed that on the news. We do NOT need READER commenters to proclaim who is "unqualified." If I were in that district, she would have my vote.

The Democrat field of candidates for that House seat is large. Only one will emerge with the nomination, and I doubt it will be Jacobs. Her thoughtless and rather flippant "humorous" remark about "crusty Marine colonel" was referring to Applegate. But it also pertains to a GOP candidate, Rocky Chavez. At this time I think he'll get the GOP nomination, and may very well win the seat.

One thing is for sure: The state and county don't need more influence of the Jacobs/Qualcomm fortune in their elections. If that family wants to be a good influence locally, there is much it can do, starting now. But trying to put favorite candidates forward, especially when they are not strong ones, helps nobody. As a family member, she's a true lightweight with no hard knocks in her preparation. Let her get some real experience, and then come back and make a try for office.

Most candidates don't win in their first try. It's typical. It doesn't mean they have no business being a candidate. We still have a representative democracy in this country, and most individuals can run for public office. Also, she apologized for the "crusty" remark. The more women (including younger women) entering political races, the better. Men for centuries have been screwing things up as political leaders, while stealing like bandits and/or abusing women. #MeToo rocks!

I wonder if she thinks her grandfather is a crusty old engineer?

Of course not. An ex-Marine colonel and an electrical engineer/UCSD professor are quite different in nature.

True. One served his country and the other served his avarice.

Yes, Jacobs made a fortune. But he's also been very generous with his charitable giving. It amounts to hundreds of $millions. And he plans to give away 50% of his fortune upon his passing.

At first Jake and wife were being philanthropists of first rank. But more recently his "giving" has taken on a sinister tone, influencing elections and buying favor with two-bit politicians. His sons, and now his granddaughter, are looking for political influence. He tried to buy a remodel of Balboa Park, was rebuffed for a time, and now seems to be back at it. Unless I"m mistaken, he now owns the mayor and another group of local pols, who are ready to do his bidding. That's not true generosity; it is legacy building where he cares not what the citizens want. If he wants to do something for local residents, he could quickly stop the influx of H-1B workers to Qualcomm, and start hiring grads of his namesake school at UCSD.

Jacobs is not exactly "back at it." His Plaza de Panama plan is proceeding, after some lengthy litigation that ended with approval of the original project. Jacobs, it has been widely reported, is no longer funding the project. The City and fundraising will provide the estimated $79 million cost. Even though I'm a longtime reporter, I have no knowledge like you do, that he "owns the mayor."

Everybody knows the mayor is under some influence.

All mayors are. That's nothing new.

OMG dwbat, you are overdoing it here. I thought you hated opera and theater and symphony -- all enterprises that Irwin and Joan Jacobs have certainly transformed with their generosity. Please don't defend Irwin's plan to destroy the Cabrillo Bridge western entrance to Balboa Park, and don't pretend that Irwin's early philanthropy hasn't morphed into miopic negative interference in local politics --including bankrolling his utterly unqualified granddaughter in her run for Congress of the United States.

I'm not a fan of opera, but I've NEVER stated I "hated theater and symphony." Where are you getting this nonsense from? For example, I worked for a few years as assistant to a theater director in the past. I guess you're confusing me with someone else who comments here. And regardless of your caustic opinion, Sara Jacobs is not "utterly unqualified" to run for Congress.

Not confusing anything. A while back you opined in these pages that we don't need to save a charming old building from demolition in North County -- that I had suggested might be used as a small theater -- because we already have enough theater venues. Look it up. Maybe you just sound like you don't think much of theater.

In the spirit of benign compromise, I was considering conceding that Irwin's granddaughter was just plain unqualified, but I can't do it. She is utterly unqualified. Her recent TV ad shows footage of Barack Obama giving a stirring speech -- disgraceful brazen appropriation by association. Where are the fact-checkers?

We DO have enough theater venues! That has nothing to do with being against theater productions. We need more people to BUY theater tickets at the current venues. If there are too many Subways, does it mean I hate Subway shops? No. Your silly argument makes absolutely ZERO sense. Did you ever study debate in high school? P.S. Try identifying yourself in these comments. It's Francine something, right? Why are you hiding?

"Silly argument." "Zero sense." Not too respectful, kind of hot under the collar, and nosy as well as wrong to boot. Wow. I rest my case.

I hate the Jacobs because I hate all H-1B whores. I also do not appreciate their family meddling in civic matters that should be up to the voters and not some billionaire.

Well, the Republican nutjob Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson do it, so don't we need some Democratic billionaires to counterbalance?

That's a good point. I guess the "Citizens United" decision is allowing this activity by the moneyed to influence all kinds of politics and pet projects.

The richest billionaire (Jeff Bezos) bought the Washington Post a while back, and has turned it into a powerhouse. He hired many more editors and reporters. And the Post is going after Trump and his tribe of clowns in a big way.

Of course, you dumb f**k. The Washington Post was the first to report the Watergate Affair. Don't reply with stupid comments when you don't know history.

Take a chill pill, before you have a stroke. I know all about the history of the Washington Post, by the way. You know NOTHING about me, or my background and long career in journalism.

Oh boo hoo. Women have decided that enough is enough. Good!

Being that I have seen so many ads from her, I wondred who she was. Now I know she is a child of a billionaire that wants to push the Democratic narrative. The reason the Democrats have won in the past is the stepford wife adherence to the exact same belief. That doesn't happen with the republicans, in a way it is a shame, being that the Democrats are such robots to the party line.

Now the first commercial I saw was her saying she wasn't a guy, wow couldn't tell. So she says she worked at the UN for 6 months and she volunteered for Hillary's campaign wow great. She says the same things as other democrats (big surprise).

Darryl Issa was a good Republican, represented well. He wasn't a robot. I know he started VSE and sold it at the right time, became a billionaire. I would have sit on my laurels and enjoy my $$ but he didn't. I haven't heard anything too bad about him.

Some of these people Trump has brought out have been nightmares. Carson, Mnunchin, Pruitt, what the Hell. All the firings and then the Tarriffs that is decimating my stock accounts. The tax bill is a joke any law that isn't budget neutral at the least is a joke. We are now at 21T and we are giving more and more to the military, while not at any war. While I was in favor of the Pipeline, I am frightened by the leaks. The EPA is throwing things in reverse while the car is still going 60.

Now I am not in favor of either party line and both have ruined our freedom, privacy, and economic status. If I had a chance, I would probably move to Europe. California has been ruined by our government, makes me want to move away. I can't even modify my car, even if it would pass a smog test in every other state. They have selective governance and require that people who want to sell items in CA, pay about a quarter million, even if it doesn't effect air quality. We had MTBE at least 10 years after they knew what it did to the environment. We have to have these oxygenated fuels. We can't get 93 octane at the pump.

Sara feels like more of the same people who have ruined the country. I don't care how many times I am forced to see her face on youtube or Cable. I will fill in the box with someone who is not her.

As for "Darryl Issa" (it's Darrell], and " haven't heard anything too bad about him." Well, he's a strong Trump supporter, and that's bad enough. Also, he was suspected of arson involving his early company in Ohio that burned down.

Big ass nose. Ugly. You are not going to be in the running with that big ass nose. it makes you look like a camel. And your "vocal fry" is also irritating as f**k. Go away and come back in a decade when you have grown up and held a real job. Not a trust fund...

I'm sure you're a fine one to goof on someone else's physical appearance. And if that "Big ass nose" means what I think it does, I'll see to it that your antisemitic ass is banned from these parts.

We have some heated discussions sometimes. But there is never any need for such contemptible and vicious hate speech in these online comments. It is anti-Jewish, anti-women, and reeks of disgusting and vile Neo-Nazism. For shame.

Go for it, Scott. Ponzi has overstepped.

It is not hate speech. It is payback for calling Doug Applegate a “crusty old Marine.” If she thinks it’s okay to call an officer and gentleman such a personal attack, then she sets herself up to be treated in like. There is nothing anti-Semitic or misogynic in my comment or intention. You are reading that into it, projecting it. If you don’t like a comment on The Reader, then flag it.

Ponzi: Are you still in junior high school? You sound like it.

I really should not dignify your remark. But you just made a comment that by any comparison would be just as nasty as what I said about the trust fund baby that is the subject of this “story.” I have college degrees. I also have opinions, dark humor and try to digest the everyday kaleidoscope of reality. We all have ideas, biases, interpretations, messages we want to share and messages we don’t want to hear. The richness of sharing emotions and feelings is what makes us all a greater society. Shaming is a new phenomenon in social media. You may not agree with me, but at least the last time I looked, I have a right to say what I feel. And so do you. As stupid as you make yourself sound.

I've never noticed that you have any sense of humor whatsoever, "dark" or otherwise.

At least she ain't a WASP. She will not get my vote. The 49th District is historically conservative. I would be very surprised if a liberal fascist won.

The words "liberal" and "fascist" don't go together at all. Liberals are anti-fascist.

Here are the facts from the U.S. Constitution. Some people here have never read it. "No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen." There's nothing in there about "inexperienced," "is an intern," "didn't go to law school," "isn't ready," "too young," "a relative can't fund campaign," "isn't serious snough," "voice is too high," "is a female," "facial features are unacceptable," "can't hire a publicist," ad nauseam. Do we have equality in the U.S., or not? Let's start acting like we support it for all our citizens, particularly those who run for public office.

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