On the fit and very lit body of a gorgeous goddess

You are the lust that keeps me awake at night

"Honey, I'm home."
  • "Honey, I'm home."

San Diego Instagram model Julianne (@juli.annee) has 4.9 million followers on the social-media platform. Her posts regularly receive over 100,000 likes. Julianne favors lingerie and swimsuits and often includes teasing captions with her photos that invite comment. She rarely replies to those comments anymore, but when a viewer asks if she had ass implants, she is quick to deny it: “My ass isn’t even big enough to have implants.” A fan affirms, “She’s too good for implants.”

There are comments in French, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish. Do they imagine she will take the time to translate? A January 27 bikini pic taken at Sunset Cliffs inspires poetry of self-pleasure; Google renders the Spanish thus: “You, you are the lust that keeps me awake at night. The one that triggers and releases sensations of vertigo, that like a roller coaster ascends me to heaven and lowers me to hell. Between agitated breaths, choppy, I’m barely out of breath… giving way to calm and tremors.”

A local takes a more direct approach: “I live in O.B. Let’s meet up for a cocktail.”

That counts as a smooth line in this context. Many comments are full of praise: “Fit and very lit body of a gorgeous goddess.”

Many others are frank expressions of sexual desire: “Respectfully, you look so f*able in this photo, honey.”

Others are more…holistic? A January 14 at-home selfie in black lace merits both “Will you marry me?” and “I swear to you, if you come to visit me in Hurgada, I will do my best to give you baby.”

Someone else scolds, “Dudes, come on! Yeah, she’s bangin’, but look what you’re saying. It’s straight-up creepy.” (I wonder what he would make of, “Get ready to go, I’ll make you a princess. Go to Ukraine, Kharkiv city, airport. My phone number is +380953925314.”)

A February 6 shot featuring a red dress with a plunging V in front and an even lower back provokes a variety of responses to feminine presentation. Controlling: “Red is the color I don’t want you to use.”

Comic: “When did you become a plumber? You have the world’s most perfect butt crack!”

Profound: “‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.’ — Pablo Picasso.”

Oblique: “See mother, I see love in you. I don’t care how much body you show, your eyes are the best freakin’ part.”

Bitter: “Oh shit, she got a tit job. LOL. Last I saw, she had them perky ones. Nicer than fakes but oh well.”

Other posts elicit concern: “You look so sad. I’ll say prayers for better opportunities to come your way so you’re not selling your body.”

Outrage: “Sickening. Pics like this are sacred for your One.”

Critical assessment: “You look like a goat.”

And, a touching sort of lonely longing. “When I look at your picture, I think of all the things I would give for just one day with you.”

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