Spike three: Tanya and Charles Brandes divorcing

Rancho Santa Fe money man and his wife both claim violence in marriage

Tanya and Charles Brandes
  • Tanya and Charles Brandes

The financial publication Fundfire notes in a February 16 article that onetime social darlings of San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe, Charles Brandes and his wife Tanya, are now divorcing; this was the third marriage for each.

Both filed stories of mutual violence in court. According to Fundfire, Charles Brandes requested a domestic violence restraining order against her on January 29. According to the publication, Brandes claimed “his wife struck him in the head with a flashlight, pointed a .45 caliber handgun at him, sprayed mace in his eyes and threatened to kill him using skills learned from Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) training." She punched, kicked, and choked him, he claimed. (He is a good deal older than she is.)

She, in turn, requested a domestic violence restraining order against her husband, claiming he threw her to the floor twice, injuring her. She claimed she suffered  bruises to her face, arms, legs, and right ankle.

Both lawyers say each person has agreed to withdraw claims against the other and are working for a prompt dissolution of their marriage.

The story misses some details covered locally. When they married, society columns were full of reports of their ideal marriage. They resided in one of the most expensive homes in the county, in Rancho Santa Fe. He had a huge collection of automobiles that she loved. They were pictured at social soirées, such as on the late David Copley’s yacht at Cannes; also at a David Copley–sponsored affair to honor His Serene Royal Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. He was at one time a billionaire (I doubt if he still is), and listed among the Forbes 400, a compilation of the 400 richest Americans.

The article only mentions that Charles Brandes has taken a leave of absence from Brandes Investment Partners. It notes briefly that the firm’s funds under management have declined sharply from above $100 billion to $31.2 billion. 

The story mentions that Brandes divorced his second wife but doesn’t note how tumultuous that was.  As reported in the Reader and Union-Tribune, in 2005 his divorce from second wife Linda divided assets like this: he got a home in Rancho Santa Fe and Borrego Springs. She got six homes, including a penthouse on Park Avenue in New York and a beachside home in Del Mar. He complained that the trial court gave her $450,000 a month in spousal support. He said $100,000 was sufficient. She protested the trial court’s decision, too.

The Reader has followed the decline of Brandes Investment Partners over a period of 11 years. He was convinced he could choose stocks that the market was neglecting. The money under management was once as high as $125 billion. His biggest mistake was jumping aboard newspaper stocks such as Gannett and McClatchy when they started to fall. However, they continued to fall and he took a huge bath on them. He also jumped into bank stocks at an inopportune time. As Brandes Investment Partners fell, I continued to phone Charles Brandes for an explanation, but he never returned my calls. 

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Don, Did you really expect him to talk to you and answer your questions? He had enough problems already without having to explain his dismal financial performance.

As to the wife having had CIA training, we can wonder. If she had served in the CIA, she would not talk about it. I've known a couple guys who had careers that seemed like the sort of thing the CIA would have provided. They would sometimes talk of their experiences to a limited degree, but there was no pursuing the comments with them. And they both kept an aura of mystery that was consistent with CIA service. So, if she was peripherally involved with CIA activities and received some training, it's possible that she could be the sort of threat he described. But I'm skeptical.

Visduh: She is a physician, but the last I heard, she had only practiced for charitable purposes. She might have done medical work for the CIA. And she might have discussed her experiences with the CIA with her husband, Brandes. I have known ex-CIA persons who cheerfully admitted they had worked for the CIA for a number of years, but I never asked what they did. One was an economist with the CIA.

I have a couple of sources who formerly worked inside Brandes Investment Partners. They have been helpful. Best, Don Bauder

I believe that Forbes still lists him as a billionaire, albeit just barely.

dan - Not after this divorce. Hope he had a prenup. She seems very shark like.

After his last divorce, including the "original" settlement in which she received several houses, $6 million a year and a lump sum of $18.7 million dollars and the "renegotiated" settlement in which she reportedly was awarded a lump sum of an additional $10,052,042 and an additional $485,000 a month in spousal support, Brandes is said to have still walked away with an estimated 91% of his wealth intact. I see no reason to think it would be otherwise this time.

Just my opinion.

Opinions vary.

danfogel: Forbes estimates Brandes was worth $1.2 billion in March of last year. That made him number 1678 on the Forbes billionaire list. Forbes notes that he collects Ferraris and can fit 37 of them in his garage. That suggests he has the same very expensive home in Rancho Santa Fe.

Whether or not he remains a billionaire depends on the performance of Brandes Investment Partners, and how much the divorce costs him, among other things such as how well his own portfolio performs. Best, Don Bauder

WOW! TANYA IS A WORLD TRAVELER, BUSINESS CONSULTANT, VENTURE CAPITALIST, DOCTOR, PHILANTHROPIST. Tanya, soon-to-be Charles Brandes's ex-wife, has a website, tanyajohnson.net, that boasts of her "proven success" in the public and private sector. In the latter, she is chief executive of Blackhorse LLC, "an international consulting and venture capital firm." She says she "directs a team of geopolitical risk experts."

With an MD from Stanford in medicine, she practiced clinical medicine with "emphasis in emergency medicine and wilderness medicine."

Under the heading "World Travel and Adventure," she boasts that she has visited more than 180 countries, beginning as a youngster in her father's plane. "Johnson moves seamlessly from the boardrooms of Geneva to the savannahs of Africa," says her website.

In her philanthropic endeavors, she has given assistance "in remote areas like Papua, New Guinea and Syrian refugee camps."

Last year, she went to the Cannes Film Festival, on a North Pole expedition, the Monaco Grand Prix, and a benefit for the Prince of Monaco. That's just some of her activities, she says. Best, Don Bauder


This sounds like she is blowing a lot of smoke up everyone's a****...

I see a lot of fluff, platitudes, and very little substance on this website..

Perhaps, she should open a travel agency?!

SportsFan0000: True. There are a lot of adjectives telling how wonderful she is, but there are few if any references to any business accomplishment. Best, Don Bauder

Wow, what a woman. Doctor, CEO, Ferrari expert, CIA agent, World Traveler, Philanthropist, attends the best events, married 3x. Absolutely amazing person. I wonder if she also played on the Woman's world cup team or climbed Mt Everest naked? Just one spectacular person. She needs to write an autobiography. I would buy it! Thanks Don!

If she wants to attack me with an official Mag-Lite, point a .45 caliber at me, spray me with pepper spray, and wrestle, well she sounds like pretty fun. Game on! I just don't have the net-worth Charles does, but can supply the wine and beer. I can talk about good subjects like Iran/Contra, geopolitics, why Learjets were harder to fly than Citations, and all kinds of goodies.

Darren: To qualify, you need "Dynamic International Expertise and Insight." Do you have it? That's the title of her website tanyajohnson.net. Right at the top there is the come-on: "Work with Us." Click it and give your name and how you can be reached, and send her a message. Best, Don Bauder

I plan to do that....on the 12th of Never!

dwbat: If I ever meet her and she asks about you, what should I say? That you aren't interested? I would have to tell her that just looking at her Instagram wears me out. Best, Don Bauder

Thank you my friend Don...I am happy you have offered dating tips and offer a platform to "Make Life Great Again!" My "Dynamic International Expertise and Insight" may be limited to El Cajon and Santee, but I promise to offer good insights and expand her horizons since she likely just sees the forest, and not the trees.

Darren: I hate to tell you this, but I don't believe Tanya would enjoy living in El Cajon. Best, Don Bauder

dwbat: We came to San Diego in 1973. For about eight months, we rented a house in El Cajon. We had to wait to get into the house we were purchasing on Mt. Helix,where we lived for 30 years. While on Mt. Helix, we frerquently went to concerts at ECPAC in El Cajon. We thought it was a tragedy when it closed. Acoustics were perfect. Best, Don Bauder

AlexClarke: We wee folks have always wanted to read -- in my case write -- about the filthy rich. Best, Don Bauder

You can lean a lot about a person's ego by perusing their Instagram:


And this fame-fanatic and moneygrubber has the gall to put a Buddha quote there. She doesn't understand Buddha at all.

dwbat: I used to call my wife Buddha-poops. That was before Women's Lib and the current sexual harassment strictures. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: I suspect a billionaire doesn't have enough money to keep her happy. Best, Don Bauder

Don, that is why she needs a poor guy like me. Take care. :o)

Darren: But as her companion, feeding off her enormous wealth, could you keep up with her activities? Best, Don Bauder

I might like living in Rancho Santa Fe, close to Helen Woodward animal rescue. What's he doing this weekend? Haven't dated in a while but he's cute.

It looks like he tied his bow-tie with his toes! It's crooked. And he combed his hair with a wire whisk. Why are billionaires such slobs? Bill Gates is the same. Yeah, I know; ginormous piles of money overcome poor grooming.

dwbat: Enormous sums of money definitely offset other personal problems. However, I can tell you, after 54 years of business/financial reporting, that the ultra-rich never quit chasing money. It is a disease. Have you ever heard of a financial money-chaser who ever retired? They chase money until they are dead. A person worth $25 billion may become clinically depressed when some other billionaire takes him or her for $1 million. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: You are on your own if you want to date Charles Brandes. He never answers my calls. I can't be your fixer-upper in this case. Best, Don Bauder

David Harris: You are entitled to your opinion. I have been writing about investing for 54 years for Business Week Magazine, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and the Reader. In those years, I have come up with some strong opinions on Wall Street. You are free to defend it. Best, Don Bauder

David Harris (FB) says "This writer clearly knows gossip well but doesn’t understand investing."

Since when is divorce (which is a matter of public record) gossip? The investors in his companies should also consider his judgment when his multiple marriages all fail and cost him millions. From his $6 an hour librarian wife to this globe-trotting ego maniac.

I would not, and do not, invest in companies that have leadership or governance that has such a record of failed relationships. This is why Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are revered, because they keep their marriages together besides being good stewards of their wealth.

Ponzi: You make good points, but Buffett and his wife have not lived together for decades, as I recall. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and he lives in a humble abode in Omaha. Best,Don Bauder

don bauder I am sure that you are referring to Buffett's first wife, Susan. It is well known that she moved to San Francisco in the 70's. It's also well known that she died over a decade ago. His current wife, who Buffett has been in a relationship with for decades, was a friend of his first wife, who actually introduced them. And yes, the do live together.

danfogel: I put the words "as I recall" into that reference on Buffett to warn readers that I had not looked it up. Because I answer each comment, it is difficult to look up something related to each comment. So I put in hedge language like, "as I recall." In many cases, I do look something up when answering a commenter. Best, Don Bauder

Buffet had an unusual situation there, and most folks never learned about it because he was discreet. Some commentators analyzed his situation and concluded that his wife was just happy to live on her own and enjoy the benefits that wealth brought to her. And she was supposedly perfectly OK with him living with another woman in "beautiful" Omaha.

Visduh: Yes, Buffett lives in a modest house in Omaha. He doesn't have five expensive homes, as many billionaires do. Is it possible that he still lives in Omaha because he is a work addict who would have no need for posh vacation homes. Best, Don Bauder

Buffett doesn't seem to be a pretentious individual. Sometimes when you know you can have everything you could want, what you have turns out to be "good enough."

Watch your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.

Ponzi: As I recall, Buffett is one of those billionaires who has pledged to die broke -- thus, giving his fortune away before he dies. Best, Don Bauder

Buffett may still live in the house he bought in 1958 and he may still drive a Cadillac XTS that is a few years old, but he sure travels in style. I don't know how much he paid for it 20 yrs ago, but Bombardier Challenger 600 will set you back about $30 million these day. And don't forget the biggest perk of all. Buffett has a McDonald’s card that lets him eat free at any of its restaurant in Omaha for the rest of his life. Now that is something to envy.

danfogel: Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! I can't think of anything worse than having a card permitting you to eat free at McDonald's. I would actually PAY for a card guaranteeing that I would never have to eat at another McDonald's. Best, Don Bauder

Yes Ponzi. Likewise for the wisdom of The Don Bauder.

shirleyberan: I have a sweatshirt that has the words "The Don" on the front. Unfortunately, it elicits laughter, not fear. Best, Don Bauder

Eric Nelson: Apparently you missed the words "the late David Copley" in the comment. Of course I know about his death. I knew him personally and wrote a lot about him -- his lifestyle, his yacht and yacht parties, etc. He had had a heart transplant earlier. I wrote about that, too.

Apparently the car was an Aston Martin -- neither a Lamborghini or Maserati. However, I had to look that up, I confess. Best, Don Bauder

Nelson also was incorrect when he wrote Copley "died when he crashed" his car. No, he had a heart attack, then he crashed, and he later died in the hospital.

dwbat: Just like elderly people, like me, break their hips and fall, rather than fall and break their hips? Best, Don Bauder

CHARLES BRANDES RETIRES FROM FIRM HE FOUNDED. Charles Brandes today (February 26) retired from Brandes Investment Partners, the firm he founded. As reported above, he previously had been on leave of absence as a result of domestic violence charges.

His wife Tanya alleged that his abuse had gone on for years, reported Fundfire, the publication that broke the story. "Three witnesses submitted declarations confirming some of the wife's allegations, and court filings included video, photographic, text message, and email evidence," reported Fundfire. Best, Don Bauder

Don, is there something wrong with her picture on Instagram link (top left) OR did she have an accident burning her hands and arms?

SportsFan000: From her lifestyle, you can certainly say she didn't burn her fingers cooking her dinner. Don Bauder

Sounds like Tanya was using Brandes and his investment firm to fund her world travels and world networking...

And wannabe successful businessperson and entrepreneur...

Just like money can't buy love, money cannot buy business success.. There has to be some substance behind the capital or the capital will all be blown sooner or later...(in the case of incompetence, usually sooner)..

Tanya's website brags about all the expensive personal trips...I am not seeing any successful business ventures...just a lot of blowing smoke up everyone's a****.. I see nothing on Tanya's website that states revenues, successful relationships with businesses and profits...

It is easy to be a philanthropist when a person thinks she has married into an unlimited money supply (multi billionaire) that she can exploit for her own purposes. We have seen this time and time again...One person marries for the money...The other person marries for the trophy...

Then, too often, the wheels come off the marriage when one person gets addicted to spending huge amounts of money and threatens to bankrupt the money source with prolifigate spending.... You can hide spending huge amounts of money like a drunken sailor in good times when business is good at the source of the funds like Brandes Investments...When, business goes down, then reckless spending is the first thing the funding source looks to cut off and turn off the money spigot to the non producing, over spending spouse...

Sounds to me like Charles Brandes companies were tanking and he turned off the money spigot to Tanya..or severely turned down the flow of money...

That would explain the arguments, the violence, and ultimately the divorce... Sounds like Tanya's spending and lifestyle was and is out of control... Those trips alone cost more than the yearly salary of many Doctors...

Brandes Investments was and is tanking...And the only way for Chas Brandes to sensibly save what's left of his fortune is to cut Tanya loose....and let her spend her divorce settlement into bankruptcy in a few years...

Next up, Investor lawsuits to further pare down Chas's dwindling fortune...

The most telling signal about the relationship is not seeing one photo of Tanya and Charles together on her Instagram. It's as if he didn't even exist in her life.

Ponzi: My guess is that she was giving him the boot while the Instagram was being produced. Best, Don Bauder

SportsFan0000: Yes, I wondered about that, too. All the bragging about her venture capital firm, her sitting in meetings in Geneva, Switzerland, etc. but not a word about a company that she funded or run. Best, Don Bauder

Don, Look closely at some of the pictures on her website...None of them include her husband Mr moneybags Brandes who is apparently paying for all the trips...I see pictures of her with shopping bags, pictures of her entering or exiting a tourist helicopter at the Grand Canyon...Zero pictures of her with and movers and shakers in business, science, philanthropy... Looks like she is "all hat and no cattle"...as far as being a successful business woman goes..

Have you ever met this woman or this man? Do you know anyone in their families? Have you ever worked with either one of them? I have not met or worked with either, but common sense says that these types of comments are destructive. There are apparently serious allegations of physical domestic violence, which is not a matter for jokes. I wish the local community and the journalistic community would be more thoughtful.

Jen87: I would occasionally write about him when I was at the U-T. I believe I was on a panel with him. I have never met her.

I disagree with you. Extremely rich people who put themselves front and center in society and the media, as they did in dozier days, have to accept that they will be media targets. A person in my family used to berate journalists for digging up scandal on the royal family in England. I explained to her that the monarch's family, which lives lavishly off the English public, is fair game. Ditto for athletes making $10 million a year, etc. Best, Don Bauder

Re: "His Serene Royal Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco" What a crock of poop! That "royal" guy runs a tiny principality about the size of NY's Central Park. All royalty [backed by the "divine right" precept] is absurd, fake, and ultimately meaningless. Nobody is royal, except in their own universe, and idiots continue to believe in it. But Albert's title is probably the most ridiculous. He doesn't even have a real country to reign over.

So true. Actually Central Park is almost twice the size of Monaco. Monaco is 499 acres and Central Park is 843 acres.

While Central Park is for the people, Monaco exists mostly for the rich, including the so-called "Prince" Albert. I would much rather hang out for a day with "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

dwbat: As far as I can remember, I have met only one prince. I can't remember what country, though. I think it was one in Northern Europe. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: But Central Park doesn't attract as many Beautiful People as Monaco does. Best, Don Bauder

dwbat: True. It is phony. But I love referring to his title. It is good for laughs. Monaco is a principality, a sovereign city-state. It is tiny, but rich. Best, Don Bauder

Has anyone in this comments thread ever met or spoken to either of these people? You are bullying a woman who is a victim of domestic violence? She has probably been through a lot of pain. Maybe he has ,too. But this is not responsible journalism.

Welcome Jan87! I notice from your profile you joined today (3/3/18) and this is your first and only comment on The Reader.

Let's get to know each other a little. We can start getting this conversation going by giving us your definition of "responsible journalism."

Ponzi: Maybe Jen87 agrees with Donald Trump about "fake news." During all his adult life, Trump tried strenuously to get all the coverage he could in the media. But when he realized he was going to get into trouble for his overseas financial adventures, he began screaming about "fake news" and crooked media. Best, Don Bauder

You said the same thing twice. We already read the first one.

dwbat: I'm not sure I understand to whom you are addressing that one. Which one of us was redundant? Best, Don Bauder

Obviously you were not being redundant. My comment is indented below Jen87, just like Ponzi's comment is. Your response is indented under Ponzi. That is how one can always tell who is being addressed. You don't have to use the person's name that way when you reply; just indent! ;-)

dwbat: OK, but many of my comments don't appear immediately below the comment of the person I am answering. Best, Don Bauder

Jen87 - Based on what I see and have heard, how do you not know that HE is the victim of bullying and suffering pain? This woman looks so damn self absorbed in those "look at me" photos. It is everything wrong with California and the me me me culture. Don't think for a minute that men cannot be victims of abuse. It is under reported.

Hello ponzi. I dont usually comment on things, but I think responsible journalism should include fact checking and interviews with reliable sources. If the author can’t achieve an interview with the source , the s/ he should get something in the record with a relevant person, or get reliable public records . Our community should be more responsible. You can not just write terrible things about people you have never met or spoken to. I think someone should get the public records and be serious in what they write.

People write terrible things about Trump, and they never met or spoke to him. But he asks for it by his disgusting behavior, arrogance, stupidity, narcissism, and out-of-his-mind Tweets.

Jen87: I think Tanya's Instagram and website tell much about her. She puts herself in the spotlight and can't complain if some of the coverage is not to her liking. Best, Don Bauder

Yes. True. Everyone has a website and social media. It seems that she has a website and he has a website and a book. . But you can’t write cruel things about either person with zero evidence: where are police reports, court filings, public things? Just find the facts That is what I said about responsible journalism.

Now you have said the same thing THREE times. Are you going to try for FOUR?

Jen87: We should give you background on what can and can't be said about people in the public eye, but it's too big a subject to tackle now. For example, I am hardly rich, but I was in the public eye when I was with the U-T -- less so now -- so I am quite limited in how I could sue someone libeling me. Would I ever do so? Goodness no.

Not long ago, I discovered that a commenter had claimed that while I was at the U-T, I had pursued a female and been unable to catch her. This is completely false, and I don't know where this person, who appears to be disturbed, got such a tale. Would I sue? Of course not. Best, Don Bauder

Jen87, if what you feel is the the proper procedure for a story, we would have never had a "Watergate."

dwbat: Agreed: Trump has asked for it. He has sought the media spotlight for decades then sued journalists who wrote what he didn't like (such as one who wrote that he really wasn't a billionaire.).

Incidentally, I have done some reporting on Tanya from somebody who knows her. I have done a lot of reporting on Charles Brandes, partly from people who worked for his firm. He would not talk to me after his firm got into trouble. Best, Don Bauder

John Caffrey: Yes, I can remember when his PR man would call me, trying to do a story on Brandes. Success came quickly -- maybe too quickly. Best, Don Bauder

Likewise, the infamous Michael Milken loved being written up in newspapers and magazines while he was at the top of his (crooked) game. I don't think he liked the coverage up to, and during, his time spent in prison.

dwbat: You are correct. And when he got out, he set up the Milken Institute to try to establish a good name. He did not have a good name, even among his fellow Wall Street thieves, when he was the junk bond/takeover king. Best, Don Bauder

I agree and disagree with Don Bauder. I don’t mean to be redundant. Bauder references Donald Trump and highly paid celebrity athletes. But that is the president of the United States — of course people will write random things— and actors and athletes make their living by being in the spotlight. But these are normal people in San Diego going through what is probably a horrible time for their own families and employees.

I have a teenager who is a freshman in high school. Parents and teachers are alert to cyber bulling, name calling, and its consequences as relates even to fourteen year old kids. These are adults and it doesn’t make them immune to the effects of people writing terrible things that they can’t prove. Who in 2018 doesn’t have an FB and IG account? What business person doesn’t have a website? Who cares? I don’t get it.
San Diego is a great city to live in, and I like the Reader . I just wish for quality journalism.

Who (besides you) thinks Tanya and Brandes are "normal people" in San Diego? They sure aren't.

You have a point. I don’t know. “Normal” depends on your point of view. It seems that the Jacobs family and the Brandes family are both prominent and active in philanthropy. It looks like Paul Jacobs, the former CEO of Qualcomm, and son of the founder irwin, recently got divorced and remarried and has a new child? And that jeff jacobs , also son of irwin and heir to Qualcomm, got divorced from his longtime wife and remarried to a woman who has a huge website and posts all over the internet. But no one took down the Jacobs men in the media. In my opinion, things written publicly should be fact checked. Anyone has access to the Reader. It’s not behind a paywall online, and you can pick up a copy in any coffee shop , and high school kids are reading these things. Allegations of domestic violence are serious and not funny .

RE: "things written publicly should be fact checked." What inaccuracies did you find in the facts of the article? You didn't say. Please list them, so we can learn what you discovered.

dwbat: In more than 50 years of financial journalism, I have found that if an executive doesn't like what I have written, inevitably he or she says the item is "inaccurate." What is almost invariably the case is that the person doesn't like the interpretation; the facts are indisputable. Best, Don Bauder

Sort of like lawyers' opening and closing statements at a trial. It's the evidence that counts [ideally, but it didn't happen with OJ's first trial]. And it's why Trump hates the media, because those pesky facts get in the way of his daily tirades.

Jen87, Mr. Bauder asked for comment on his story, They had an opportunity to reply, give a statement or have their lawyer or PR representative give a statement. They chose not to.

dwbat: Agreed. He is one of the richest persons in the county, despite his recent failures. She is known for her bizarre and expensive lifestyle. They both have deliberately put themselves in the spotlight. Best, Don Bauder

Jen87: I guess I should give you some background. A number of years ago I did several columns and blog items on Brandes and his firm, and the mistakes they had made. This was before Tanya. Those columns and blogs were all taken from public records and are available through the Reader search engine.

I wrote about Brandes and Tanya when they attended social soirees for the superrich, such as on David Copley's yacht, moored in Monaco. There may have been a tinge of sarcasm in those; I have forgotten. For example, the bloated title of Monaco's prince invites sarcasm. So does Brandes's monstrous collection of cars, and his Rancho Santa Fe home, which as I recall was at one time the most expensive in the county.

When their violent struggles became matters of public record, and they divorced, they could not dodge publicity. Her self-centered website and Instagram invite irony. Best, Don Bauder

Last comment from me. As Ponzi said, I this is my first sign in, and I don’t comment on things but this really struck a chord for two reasons. First, because I have two teenagers: one a freshman (son) who aspires to a career in journalism, and one a sophomore (daughter) who reads everything on social media. If not for them, I would not have seen any of this. I do my best to monitor what they see and to advise them, while letting them be themselves. Second, because things like domestic violence or child abuse or other serious crimes are not things that should be published without real evidence and facts. In our era of #metoo and timesup, probably not a good idea to judge without facts. Again to my point, if two of the most prominent men in the city (Jacobs) can have infidelities with far younger women, cheat on their wives, get a girlfriend pregnant and THEN get divorced... , and skate under the radar, why take down another family at random?
And cyber bullying isn’t right.
Otherwise nothing to add. Jen.

Jan87: I agree that we have exhausted this topic. Best, Don Bauder

Don Bauder - Aren't you glad your not a billionaire? This seems like a stressful life to me.

Any word on the final settlement for this divorce? It has been over a year.

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