D’Souza book fifth on New York Timesbest seller list

Movie by same title doing well, too

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Arch-conservative San Diegan Dinesh D’Souza is riding high these days: his new book, Death of a Nation, this week is number 5 on the New York Times hardcover best-seller list.

The book posits that Republican President Donald Trump will save the nation from the Democrats just as Repulican Abraham Lincoln did in 1860.

A companion documentary with the same name and message came out August 3. The New York Times earlier covered the release. Previous documentaries have done well. His 2016: Obama’s America, and America: Imagine a World Without Her were #2 and #6, respectively, among all-time political documentaries, according to the website.

D’Souza pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws in 2014. President Trump pardoned him in May of this year.

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Whether it is left or right views, whether is D’nesch D’Souza, Michael Moore or all the other political hacks turned “journalist”, memoirist, or other published diatribes, there’s really one motivator and that's personal greed with a capital GREED. Sadly lame ass lemmings we call adults in this country actually purchase these books, buy the DVDs or watch the Kabuki theater swallowing the whole body politic.
Politicians are one of the most successful con men, now women, occupations in the U.S. ranking right ahead of lobbyists.

JustWondering: I just saw on a TV newscast that John McCain made a speech on the Senate floor, not long before his passing, telling us to not listen to the TV/radio talking heads because the more the society is dysfunctional, the better they do financially. They have a financial stake in our misery. Best, Don Bauder

I would tend to agree more with that, watching the same talking head every night is different than watching a once every couple years documentary.

Jefferson1776: Balanced documentaries on history are wonderful. Best, Don Bauder

It does seem obvious these film makers would like to make as much money as possible from their work (who doesn't) but are you saying they don't actually believe in their own message? It seems to me both Michael Moore and Dinesh D'Souza sincerely believe in their cause and they message they propagate. It goes without saying they films from either one are biased and will leave out some information a more objective documentary filmmaker might include, but I find it worthwhile watching the films of both because I learn facts that I haven't seen anywhere else.

Moore was a journalist and publication editor long before he started making films.

dwbat: Of course, not all journalists and publication editors win my praise. I thought National Enquirer was a disgrace long before I had heard of a fellow named Pecker. Best, Don Bauder

A friend emailed me a funny fake headline:

Trump Worried about Pecker Leaking.

dwbat: I wish I had thought of that one. Great. Best, Don Bauder

Jefferson1776: I enjoyed the Michael Moore documentaries I saw. I have never seen a D'Souza one.

Do the talking heads believe what they preach? I wonder about some. Do you remember former Mayor Roger Hedgecock? He was a moderate in office. As soon as he was effectively booted from office, he was suddenly an extreme right-winger. That was a very fast transformation. It happened at the time that hate radio (Limbaugh et al) was coming on fast. Best, Don Bauder

tRump will save the nation!

I haven't even read the book and already I'm a believer!

[… any typographical errors are purely random and unintended]

swell: He will save the nation if he doesn't go to prison first. Best, Don Bauder

Save the nation for whom? It appears that he and the Republicans are hell bent on destroying the middle class. Conservatives only care about themselves. The stupid working class actually believes that Trump and the Republicans care about them. The Republicans want a nation run by Fox News. God (if you believe) help us.

AlexClarke: It stuns me that: 1. blue collar workers believed Trump in the campaign; 2. they still believe him. Best, Don Bauder

why is this stunning? After decades of politicians from both parties selling out America and its workers to global corporate interests and foreign workers, why is this stunning?

Jefferson1776: Any blue collar worker who knew how Trump had fleeced those who worked for him should have automatically voted against him. Admittedly, most people didn't know that history. Best, Don Bauder

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