Yellowfin, skipjack turn on – record bluefin caught

Fishing in San Diego Aug. 12-18

Ali Pfleger caught 211 pound, 11 ounce bluefin on 30-pound test line.

Ali Pfleger caught 211 pound, 11 ounce bluefin on 30-pound test line.

Balboa Angling Club

Dock Totals Aug 12 – Aug 18: 6,583 anglers aboard 256 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 654 bluefin tuna, 8,190 yellowfin tuna, 7,093 skipjack tuna (50 released), 1,294 dorado, 3,178 yellowtail, 11 white seabass (1 released), 646 bonito, 107 barracuda (9 released), 2,533 calico bass, 416 sand bass, 1,075 rockfish, 368 whitefish, 5 lingcod, 51 sculpin, 203 sheephead, 9 halibut, 3 treefish, and 2 thresher shark.

Saltwater: There were about a dozen more anglers and a dozen fewer trips this past week over the week previous, so not much change in the receipts for the landings. The predicted explosion of tuna in the counts may have been delayed, but it happened. Normally, tunas aren’t so picky in mid-August and the water isn’t this warm, so most folks were a bit perplexed, but credit to the anglers as they kept at it.

The same week last year (Aug 13-19), the big bluefin were around, yellowfin hadn’t filled in, the yellowtail were the main draw, and the anglers came: 6,385 of them, just three percent less than this week’s number.

The record-warm pocket of water that brought ocean surface temps up to 81.6 degrees to our coast this past week has shifted north and cooled. Typically, wind and current will help blend bands of water – in our case, dissipating a thin hot layer into the cool beneath and leaving a much more consistent, thicker top of the water column at 72 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit within 50 miles of Point Loma. I expect that going forward, yellowfin, skipjack and dorado will stay on the top of the counts with exotics like marlin, opah and wahoo popping in for an occasional visit between now and late into fall.

The big bluefin tuna should continue to draw boats to the slightly cooler southwest side of San Clemente Island and out to the Cortez and Tanner banks, where the brutish fish have been running to well over 200 pounds.

Fish Plants: August 24, Lake Poway, catfish (TBD), Santee Lakes, catfish (1,000), August 27, Jennings, catfish (1,000)

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