Almost everyone in Solana Beach working

County unemployment dips

The county unemployment rate was 3.5 percent in July, down from a revised 3.7 percent in June and from 4.4 percent a year earlier, according to the California Employment Development Department.

During the month, total nonfarm employment dropped by 14,400 jobs. However, that reflected a seasonal aberration. Government jobs were down 16,000. As the school year ended, employment dropped by 10,000 in local educational services and 4500 in state educational services. Solana Beach had the lowest rate among county communities at 1.5 percent.

The county gained 21,200 jobs in July from July of the previous year. Manufacturing and construction jobs rose, but leisure and hospitality jobs dropped by 3300.

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What a jarring headline. Bumping these numbers up against those Solana Beach uses from SANDAG, reveals a workforce of 7,000 out of a population of about 13,000. Even allowing for children and professionals, that's a lot of retirees and others whose income is from capital not labor. The term 'working' is clearly a supple beast, and truly "the very rich...are different from you and me."

Cassander: The population of Solana Beach is almost 13,000. But the state says the number in the labor force is 7,100. That sounds high. The median household income is more than $100,000 and almost 30 percent of the households have median household incomes of $200,000 or more. All these data suggest something is statistically out of kilter here. I think you are correct that there are a lot of retired people there. Best, Don Bauder

There are areas where people live that are gainfully employed, independently wealthy or retired just as there are areas where there is no wealth, low employment, high poverty and where the majority are on welfare. Comparing one place to another is useless and only shows what we already know.

AlexClarke: Comparative statistics can be helpful -- median household income, for example. Best, Don Bauder

AlexClarke: Yes, comparison of Rancho Santa Fe median household income with that of National City is eye-opening and statistically meaningful. Best, Don Bauder

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