Why did the cheesesteak guy cross the road?

A neighborly collaboration emerges in Golden Hill

Giorgino's serves a sausage ground by the butcher across the street
  • Giorgino's serves a sausage ground by the butcher across the street

On the block of 28th Street where South Park becomes Golden Hill, the small diner Giorgino’s has made a name for itself over the years for all things Philadelphia: cheesesteaks, pork rolls, Tasty Kakes, and Wise potato chips. But a meal I tried recently revealed a righteous local connection: "Sepulveda Meats sausage & peppers sub.”


1237 28th Street, Golden Hill

Sepulveda Meats & Provisions would be the family run butcher shop across the street. As the story goes, when Sepulveda joined the neighborhood a couple years back, the owner of Giorgino’s strolled over and asked the butcher whether they made a good Italian sausage. Two kinds, it turns out, a sweet and spicy take, along with a rotating mix including bratwursts, bangers, and potato sausages.

Giorgino’s opted for the milder Italian, grilled with sweet peppers and onions on one of its Philly-favorite Amoroso rolls for $10.02. There’s quite a bit of oddball pricing here. Mustard goes 74 cents extra. You get a 5-percent discount if you pay cash.

After the math, that’s still slightly higher than the cost of a standard cheesesteak, so you’re really going to have to be in the mood for a grilled sausage to choose one over the other. However, Giorgino’s does right by it, so if you go for it, add the deli mustard and appreciate the well ground and seasoned pork and fennel sausage. Sepulveda claims to seek out superior tasting meats from small regional ranches rather than factory farms, and I liked it enough to walk across the street and pick up a few bratwursts to grill at home.

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