Jim McInnes booted via Facebook from Jazz 88.3

Every Shade of Blue loses its DJ

Jim McInnes photo via Facebook
  • Jim McInnes photo via Facebook

"I have just found out that, after 12 years, I have 'retired' from Jazz 88.3," says longtime local DJ Jim McInnes. "Whether I like it or not...no more hosting Every Shade of Blue on Saturday nights. Janine Harty will take over. Ah, radio. Sic transit Gloria."

As revealed today in a Facebook post by McInnes, who also plays guitar with Shenanigans, he found out about his "retirement" via Facebook when Harty announced her new gig on her own timeline around 4pm on Wednesday, August 8. McInnes may have been taken by surprise, but his same post includes a ringing endorsement of his replacement. "She has the credibility. Perfect choice in my opinion."

According to Janine Harty, "The show was offered to me last week. I had no idea that my post would come as a surprise to Jim. For those of you who want to take out your hard feelings on me, I will point out that I am not in management and did not ask for the change." Every Shade of Blue airs Saturdays from 9pm until midnight PT on Jazz 88.3 FM KSDS San Diego and jazz88.org. Harty, who has been a DJ at KSDS since 1988, will take her first shift at the helm on August 11, with guest Michael Kinsman of the San Diego Blues Festival.

McInnes acknowledges that his ouster from the public radio station (licensed to San Diego City College) didn't exactly come without warning. "I was replaced as blues host because I refused to do the show live. That simple...I told them I had no desire to spend my Saturday nights doing the show in person. I had been recording it during my tenure."

As for finding out via Facebook, "I don't think it was intentional," he says. "No big whoop."

Fellow local radio vet Michael Halloran knows how McInnes feels. "Years ago, I read that my contract was terminated by reading it the Detroit News. It seems my boss at the time never felt the need to call my lawyer or me."

When McInnes was fired by Clear Channel/101.5 KGB FM in 2002, after 28 years on the radio, he had spent most of disc jockey career ("And over half my life!") at KGB, where he became known as JM in the PM on the FM.

Homegrown albums

Homegrown albums

At KGB, McInnes hosted local-centric Homegrown Nights around town, where area bands would play live for an audience and be recorded on an eight-track recorder, with the full show being aired that weekend over the radio. There was also a series of Homegrown vinyl records, the first of which was released in 1973 and sported liner notes by future famous former neighbor Cameron Crowe. McInnes and KGB promotions director at Scott Chatfield co-produced the final album in the series in 1984 (Chatfield also hosted the Homegrown radio show while McInnes took a two year break).

After McInnes was relieved of his job at KGB, he went on to become a PM drive jock at KPLN 103.7 the Planet, then an afternoon drive-time traffic reporter at Jack FM, and then a 3-to-9pm weekday news anchor for KFMB 760AM, a conservative talk radio station where he also voiced commercials and promos. He began working at KSDS around 12 years ago, first in a Saturday morning slot and then, as of 2016, hosting Every Shade of Blue.

Despite his "retirement" from Jazz 88.3, he can still be heard weekends on KGB doing a show he's hosted for just over two years now. His return to KGB's airwaves has been championed on the website for the same station that sent him packing in 2002.

As McInnes once told the Reader, "There's a saying in broadcasting; 'If you haven't been fired, you haven't worked in radio.'"

Wished on Facebook to have a "happy retirement," McInnes replied "When I retire, I will!"

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For what it's worth Jim, thanks for being one of the first people to play my music on the radio in San Diego.


Ooops. Michael Halloran was never at KGB. And McInnes was not at KGB for 28 years. He was first at KPRI then went over to KGB. Knowing his aversion to doing live shows based on what this article says, Mr. McInnes should be happy at KGB: all the weekend DJs you hear on KGB are pre-recorded or "voice-tracked" as they say. Even the Monday-Friday nighttime DJ on KGB phones it in from another city.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but as I recall, JM was at KPRI from the summer of 1973 until he moved to KGB in May of 1974 and stayed there until he was booted in October of 2002. I wasn't a math major, but that is 28 years and change.

Wouldn't do the show live? WTF? Hey, I want my perfect job only I want it exactly the way I want it. Yeah, working Saturday nights as a DJ-that would really put a damper on his social schedule I guess.

Well, since he had already been recording it, as was mentioned in the article, I don't see the problem. Or to use you example, your own boss wants to change how you do your job, so now you are working Saturday nights. No problem, right??

WOW! What a DIVA! I used to listen to Jim years ago when radio was live and really good. It looks as if he told management that he refused to do the show live. If the Jazz 88 policy is that the show needed to be live, and Jim told them he wouldn't do it live, then he fired himself! Not sure why he's trying to point the blame at management. Shameful! Kudos to Jazz 88 for keeping San Diego radio genuine with real live hosts. Maybe now I can actually call in for requests and someone will answer the phone.

Am I the only one who read the part about how JM had "been recording it during my tenure." So he is a diva because he wanted to continue doing the same thing he had been doing already? Give me a break.

Dan Fogel...The correct chronology as I recall is Jim came out here in 1974 from Madison Wisconsin to work at KPRI and then segued to KGB in 1976. Is Jim a diva because he wants to pre-record his show when everyone else at Jazz 88 does it live? I don't think diva is the right word. The man can rightfully do what he wants on Saturday nights. But for the love of god, couldn't Jazz 88 and Jim have worked out a deal to where he did the show at a different time so he could do his show live? Jazz 88 is all about live DJ's. That is what they stand for. Jim used to be about that. But he's not anymore. KGB is all about voice-tracked automation on nights and weekends. It seems everyone is now happy with their arrangement going forward. Everyone gets what they want. By the way, I hired KGB's Jim McInnes to host a concert on May 23, 1981 at Palomar College. The noon-to-sunset outdoor show featured 20/20 ("Yellow Pills"), Bratz, Tweed Sneakers, Incognito, This Kids and The Lobsters. That was two years before 91X. Oh, and get this strange twist: Jazz 88 comes in better in many parts of North County than KGB. (I also recall Jim's ex-wife Linda McInnes emceed a concert or two at the La Paloma Theater, but I can't remember which ones).

"Jim McInnes first hit the San Diego airwaves in the summer of 1973 when he joined the staff of the original 106.5 KPRI.On April 30 of 1974, KGB called Jim with an offer to become the new morning show host. He accepted and began his run at KGB on the very next day, May 1, 1974." https://101kgb.iheart.com/featured/jim-mcinnes/about/

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