Ripped in a rip current

San Diego lifeguard rescues March 12-18

Box Canyon from 2004 video. March 17, 2018, 18-year-old female stuck on cliff at Box Canyon, down via rope ladder.
  • Box Canyon from 2004 video. March 17, 2018, 18-year-old female stuck on cliff at Box Canyon, down via rope ladder.
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Mar 18

07:11 Swimmer: Lifeguards respond to two swimmers in South Mission Jetty rip. One swimmer with obvious intoxication. Two rescues in high-hazard area.

11:55 River: Lifeguard unit responds to San Diego Police Department request to retrieve weapon (pick axe) in the San Diego River at 525 Saturn. Suspect apprehended and lifeguards cancelled by SDPD.

14:40 Boating: Lifeguard jet unit responds to La Jolla Cove for disabled 20’ Grady White in Reserve. Anchor reset and Commercial Tow contacted.

16:00 Boating: Lifeguard boat and jet units respond to vessel operating on edge of surf-line and not heeding Mission Beach Tower Public Address. Jet unit escorts vessel outside and lifeguard boat unit evaluates for cites. Warning issued.

18:06 Medical: Lifeguard, emergency, medical and San Diego Police units respond to 3800 Riviera Dr. for 9 month-old fall. Medical takes over call.

Mar 17

10:46 Medical: 18 year-old female with head Injury due to collision with another person at 3105 oceanfront walk. Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond. Patient advised by emergency.

16:03 Medical: Sick person at 1500 Quivera Ct. Lifeguard units responding. Call cancelled, level 4.

17:02 Medical: 457 Coast Blvd. Patient with seizures. Lifeguard, emergency and medical responding. Emergency to handle.

19:34 Cliff: 18 year-old female stuck on cliff at Box Canyon. Lifeguard, emergency, medical, Urban Rescue units, and helicopter unit respond. Both victims down via rope ladder at 20:35

10:22 Boating: 911 call boat on the rocks at Hospitality Point. 26 foot Hydro Sport. Lifeguard vessels respond. 4 persons on board putting on Life jackets. Lifeguard vessel tows boat off rocks to reception dock where the operator is able to clear the prop.

Mar 15

08:13 Boating: 22 foot Chris Craft near the rocks south Mariner’s Point Lifeguard vessel responds. Boat is dragging anchor which is a hazard, so Lifeguard impounds boat on impound buoy. Boat is released to owner at 420 pm.

Mar 13

09:44 Other: Lifeguards and San Diego Police units respond to Belmont Park for missing person-suicide threat. Person located by lifeguards on bench near Tower 13. Police department handles.

12:31 Enforcement: Lifeguards and San Diego Police units respond to truck-trailer on Dana Boat Launch ramp for over 6 hour. San Diego Police handle.

13:49 Medical: Multiple lifeguard and medical units respond to Citizen’s Trail at Blacks Beach for 30 year-old male with loss of consciousness on stairs. Lifeguard locates patient and walks him out. Medical advises.

18:05 Medical: Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond to 29 year-old female with seizures at Belmont Park. Medical transports patient to Scripps La Jolla.

08:43 Other: Caller states that a dog is trapped on South Channel Jetty. Caller captures dog and delivers it to lifeguard unit.

12:46 Cliff: Lifeguard reports person stuck on cliff at Boundary Line. Lifeguards complete the cliff rescue with a ladder extrication.

12:53 Other: San Diego Police reports a vehicle in the water at South Shores Boat Launch. Lifeguards, including vessel unit respond. Vehicle was unoccupied and San Diego Police arranged to have the vehicle removed at 14:32.

Mar 12 – no Calls

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