Papa Doug won’t get Bahamas job

Local paper says he will be beaten out

Doug Manchester, his wife Geniya, and their three children
  • Doug Manchester, his wife Geniya, and their three children
  • from papadougmanchester.com/

Last February, the Washington Post reported that Douglas “Papa Doug” Manchester, real estate developer and former owner of the Union-Tribune, had an “unsettling management style,” according to a number of former female U-T employees, who had been interviewed by the newspaper. The Post reported there had been “offensive behavior by Manchester and his team.”

The U-T then pulled a stunt: knowing of the coming Post story, it beat it to print with a story in which Manchester apologized to any “demeaned employees.” The U-T story had more detail of management misbehavior than the Post’s story did.

At the time, Manchester, who with his wife had given $1 million to the Trump campaign, was angling to be named ambassador to the Bahamas. But the appointment has been delayed and delayed. On April 4, the Bahamas Press reported that Manchester is now out of the running.The headline was “”U.S. Billionaire Papa Doug is out!” The job will go to William “Doug” Douglass, said the publication. (At 75, Douglass is around the age of Manchester.) Douglass has been visiting the Bahamas since 1962, said the publication.

Manchester last year was listed as a billionaire by Bloomberg.

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I predicted in December that Pappy had got the stink of failure on himself and so was likely out of the running—even before the #MeToo revelations.

One thing is for sure: he isn't as big a success as Douglass.

Cassander: This is something to ponder: Papa Doug is considered too ethically dubious to get into the Trump administration!

Half a century or so ago there was a professor at the University of Illinois who was considered too extremist to get into the John Birch Society. Best, Don Bauder

I THINK I REMEMBER THAT PROFESSOR'S NAME: He was a professor of classics, and i am pretty sure his name was Revilo P. Oliver. Best, Don Bauder

Cassander: I don't know what happened to him. He surfaced in the early 1970s, as I recall. Best, Don Bauder

I think people who intend on keeping their wealth Look At and find out How To. Lose some money maybe but retirement is sooner than many calculate, even iffier on a loan.

shirleyberan: How many superrich have you heard that actually retired? None, that I can recall, although it was said that Joe Kennedy left stock market manipulation just before the 1929 crash. I don't know if he went short, and I don't know if he actually retired. My guess is he was still doing business with mobsters. The superrich keep at it until they die because doing deals is an addiction. Best, Don Bauder

As I remember from J. K. Galbraith, Joe Kennedy heard an attendant discussing stock fluctuations, and reflected, "When the man shining my shoes knows more about my stock price than I do, and I'm on the board, it's time to get out of the market.".

Shoeshiners, like hair stylists, hear a lot of useful info while on the job.

For either of them, what is the big deal? There may be some banking secrecy alive and well there, and some dubious wheeler-dealers may be there, but it is still a backwater spot. No, I think they were mostly motivated by the title "Mr. Ambassador", and its prestige, especially since they can use the title long after vacating the post. In short, an ego trip.

Visduh: Papa Doug has -- or at least had -- a luxury home in the Bahamas. One of several. Best, Don Bauder

Manchester couldn't even get selected for the Disneyland Resort Ambassador Program.

dwbat: The Bahamas was a dirty money haven in the 1960s. Mobster Meyer Lansky left there to set up a similar gambling haven in Cuba. The mob controlled Batista, the dictator. Fella named Fidel Castro gathered troops in the mountains and ousted Batista. The rest is history. The American mafia really created Castro's Cuba. Best, Don Bauder

Looking forward to the abc Stephanopolous interview with Comey this Sunday night. Talk of Trump peeing with prostitutes and a possible Russian sex tape, 2013 Miss Universe pageant. Can't make this offensive stuff up. He could lose bigly.

Yes, it's not unusual for a sex scandal to actually bring down corrupt leaders, while other efforts are still ongoing. It's happened in several countries.

dwbat: How about in the U.S.? Prosecutors began investigating the Clintons's land deals in Arkansas. But it was Monica Lewinsky that got Bill Clinton impeached (but not convicted.) Best, Don Bauder

Sorry Don but it was Bill Clinton, not Lewinsky, who got Clinton impeached. Had he just done two things; kept his private parts private, and then not lied about not keeping his private parts private he would never been impeached. Sadly the country is so polarized by partisan politics and hyper partisan politicians who do what’s best for themselves instead of doing what’s best for the country. The death of civility is killing the Country.

Today it’s worse than in Clinton’s era. And, who really suffers? The whole country does as this endless political theater goes on and on. All fed by the other intensely hyper partisans - so called journalist. The ones, in my opinion, who used to investigate and then report facts but now just tell us what to think and how to feel about it.

Nowadays with the Internet and 24hour cable, biased news, no, it’s not really news. It’s tabloid like opinion masquerading as news. Where the sharp focus between news and opinion pieces has been blurred or completely obliterated. It’s where “blogs” are taken as fact, by the ignorant masses, when most blogs are works of fiction. We live in a time where Facebook, of all places or websites, is the place where most people get “the news” that really isn’t news.

Whether it’s for television ratings, or Internet clicks, all for money, we rarely get just “news” facts free from radical opinion from either “side of the aisle”. Oh how I miss those boring days where we just learned the the facts of the news.

JustWondering; I see your point, but not all media are biased. That kind of thinking is what got Trump elected. People said, "well, he has no morals, but nobody does and I want change in Washington." So a psychotic narcissist was elected. Best, Don Baudeer

shirleyberan. Steele has always said that there is only a 50-50 chance that the golden shower incident took place in Moscow. Too much is being made of that alleged incident now. Similarly, too much is being made of Comey's reference to Trump's small hands. Those who would criticize Comey's book are blowing up the significance of those portions of the book.Best, Don Bauder

Ambassador to the Bahamas has got to be nothing more than a well paid vacation. The Ambassador does nothing but got to parties and hobnobs with the elite.

Leave what you don't believe. A catastrophic country Kakistocracy , worst of the low, credit Comey.

shirleyberan: Tell me what a kakistocracy is. Best, Don Bauder

"Government under the control of a nation's worst or least-qualified citizens."

dwbat: Many thanks. We're close to one now, or perhaps there. Trump, with his dubious past, has surrounded himself with a bunch of thugs. Don't take my word for it. The New York Times has said it. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: I have an item on two Michael Cohens on this blog. One is a graduate of the worst law school in the country. The other graduated from some of the most distinguished universities in the nation.

Guess which one is Trump's lawyer Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: Yes, he graduated from a law school connected with Western Michigan University that has been named the worst law school in the nation. Of course, he doesn't practice law anyway. He is a fixer. Best, Don Bauder

Even with going to who ever rated that school as worst, Cohen passed his bar exam. Considering the fail rate of those who go to “better” or the “best” law schools, says something about Cohen’s intelligence.

JustWondering: The fail rate of grads from the better law schools is much better than the rate from Cohen's school or San Diego's Thomas Jefferson law school. Best, Don Bauder

AlexClarke: And look the other way when the local government is up to mischief. Best, Don Bauder

I think the joke about small hands came back for a remark Trump made during election campaign about "little" Marco Rubio. From what I can piece together, Cruz and Rubio paid/bought into Cambridge Analitica, construction of misinformation and election meddling, but it ended up Trump. The deep state ultra right doesn't even like Trump, right? So who's winning? (Charlie Sheen) Anybody? Yes I'm confused.

Steve Bannon was formerly a VP of the Cambridge Analytica board. And the company provided services for Cruz's presidential campaign.

dwbat: Not surprising. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: I am not aware that Cruz and Rubio bought into Cambridge Analytica. It wouldn't surprise me. Best, Don Bauder

I heard about town than many were put off by Manchester calling himself "Papa Doug". Does this guy have "daddy issues" or what?! Grown men cringe when some guy wants them to call him "Papa Doug".. We all have our own Daddys thank you very much...

And that circus blue suit surely did not help him land the Bahamas gig... I think it has to be white or more tropical for the Islands...

Regardless, Manchester was a known AH who treated his employees, especially women like SH.. KARMA IS A BITCH...

Maybe, Trump can find an empty office for him in the WH or Executive office bldg... next to his gardener's office, his pool boy's office and his masseuse's office..Manchester fits right in with Trump the Swampmaster and his bigger alligators that he is releasing into the Swamp...

That suit and tie ensamble looks like he bought it at ROSS in downtown SD.

dwbat: Are you a men's clothing critic? First it's the CEO of Bridgepoint, then it's Papa Doug. Best, Don Bauder

Papa Doug is kind of a funny title these days since he could be his wife's "Papa." Doug is 33 years older than his wife.


by Ponzi

Well, I once worked in the men's dept. at a department store, so I've sold suits and accessories. I learned a few things about the subject.

You're insulting Ross. Doug probably bought that clown suit at a website like Opposuits.com


by Ponzi

Ponzi: I just bought some socks at a Ross store. I am not sure how long they will last. Best, Don

SportsFa0000: The story I heard -- and I won't swear that it's valid -- is that Manchester's son was playing in a Little League game, or some game. To disetinguish between father and son, one of the dads called Senior "Papa Doug." He liked it. At the U-T, people had to address him by that name. The publisher/editor, named Jeff Light, would call him "Papa Doug" when discussing company matters in the U-T. Best, Don Bauder

SportsFan0000: Manchester had a bad reputation. He thought ownership of the U-T would enhance it. Instead, it worsened it. Best, Don Bauder

Maybe now, Dougie can concentrate on trying to get financing for his downtown project at the foot of Broadway. I assume that project is still stalled (although I admit, I haven't heard anything about it recently--perhaps the project being stalled is WHY I haven't heard anything on it lately).

Why was Manchester approved to build that project when he didn't have the financing to do it? And why was such a boring architectural plan approved? A college architecture class could have done better.

dwbat: I don't have the answers to your questions, except this: your questions are good ones. Best, Don Bauder

aardvark: I don't think he has financing yet, but, like you, I am not certain of that. Best, Don Bauder

Read that he was having more luck financing some hotel(s) in Texas with Dougie Jr...

SportsFan0000: That Austin hotel was finally financed and is near opening, I understand, but I haven't followed it for some time. It will have huge problems. Austin hotels are overbuilt. This was known when Manchester was building. Best, Don Bauder

Papa has been busy with his new love. The $50,000 question of tonight, are those babies real?

The babies are real, but who is the father?

Darren: The babies are real. I am a father and grandfather and have some knowledge of. the topic, as do many if not most readers of this blog. Best, Don Bauder

dwbat: I would bet that Manchester is the father. Many men are sexually active in their mid-70s. I do not know, however, about the quality of sperm at that age. Best, Don Bauder

With a wife looking like that, I can almost understand where a man of any age might get excited. But be forewarned, one must keep the balance sheet and income statement looking fancy, and assure cash-flows are flowing into baby mama's bank accounts.

Darren: As I explained in earlier columns and blog items, Papa Doug's wife came to the U.S. from Siberia. She was previously married in the U.S., but I could not reach her ex-husband. Several bloggers have speculated that she was a mail order bride, but I don't have the proof to say that. Best, Don Bauder

To make Manchester feel better about not become ambassador to the Bahamas, the White House is FedExing "Papa" a carload of Tommy Bahama clothing! ;-)

dwbat: That may well be true, but I suspect the White House has bigger concerns now than appeasing Papa Doug. Best, Don Bauder

You DO know that was a joke, right?

dwbat: Yes, but I wanted to get the line about the White House having bigger problems than Papa Doug into print, and your joke gave me the opportunity.. Best, Don Bauder

Hi Don, Siberia? Look for the new Papa Doug's Vodka, at a finer-than-normal liquor store near us.

dwbat: Or Popov, sometimes called Pop Off. Best, Don Bauder

Darren: Didn't Trump have a Trump-branded vodka? Or is my memory failing? Best, Don Bauder

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