Memorable brushes with fame

San Diego musicians recall meeting famous colleagues

Tori Roze swears she wasn't stalking Gwen Stefani, all appearances to the contrary
  • Tori Roze swears she wasn't stalking Gwen Stefani, all appearances to the contrary
  • Wikimedia commons

We asked several locals to share their most memorable brushes with fame.

Dave Gladish (Ristband): “I once met Rickey Medlocke of Blackfoot and Skynyrd in the Fort Myers airport. I told him I was playing in a kick-ass southern rock band called Falcon Mohawk. It was like telling Picasso I had a watercolor set at home.”

Rickey Medlocke

Rickey Medlocke

Wikimedia commons

Reid Curby (War Stories): “We were recording, and our producer had his friend stop by, Rob Cavalo, who’s a Grammy award-winning producer [Green Day, etc.] Every time someone introduced themselves to him, he always replied saying his first and last name, which was kind of funny, because we obviously knew who he was. A lot of people in the industry do, so for him to say his first and last name, it was kind of like bragging.”

Michael Stipe

Michael Stipe

Wikimedia commons

Brooke Mackintosh (Seaholm Mackintosh): “I met a few celebrities while I was working as a ticket agent for America West Airlines. The most memorable was when I checked in Michael Stipe of REM. Although I recognized him in line immediately, I blanked on his name and had to ask him for his autograph, just to check him in for his flight. I still have it somewhere.”

Tori Roze: “I used to call my car the No Doubt Mobile, because it was covered in No Doubt garb, fully inclusive of a key chain dangling from the rearview that I made, with Gwen Stefani’s mug right in the middle of it. When I was 18, I was going to Melrose in L.A. to meet up with my boyfriend, and managed to park myself directly in front of a pine green Jaguar. As I got out, a man from the Jaguar popped out who bore a striking resemblance to Gavin Rossdale [Stefani’s husband]…not only do we see Gavin but, oh no, Gwen Stefani and her entire family were taking pictures on the front lawn of her brother’s house. I just kinda stood there in shock, looking like a complete fool with my No Doubt Mobile… I must have looked like a complete stalker.”

Eric Rife: “I made things awkward for the guitarist of Ratt, who came into the pizza shop I worked at in the early 80s. I had a friend who was really into metal and I asked the guy if he would mind signing something for a friend. The guy who was with him was the owner of Guitar Center, and he sniffed ‘It’s always for a friend.’ I said, ‘No, it really is for a friend.’ When he said, ‘Yeah, sure,’ I let them have it. ‘No seriously, it is for a friend. I fucking hate Ratt and all that other hair metal shit. See this shirt I’m wearing? It says the Clash. How many Clash fans do you think listen to Ratt?’”

“They got quiet, the guy handed me the autograph, and I sincerely thanked them and left.”

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