Tijuana does Hollywood… again

Local social media responds

"Don’t be haters, it will look awesome!”
  • "Don’t be haters, it will look awesome!”

Tijuana’s National Chamber of Commerce has unveiled its plan to build a Tijuana sign on the hill of Cerro Colorado similar to the famed Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. The proposed sign will be similar in height, design, and plain white color. The only difference is that the letters will be illuminated by solar-powered randomly colored lamps.

Cerro Colorado — without the sign

Cerro Colorado — without the sign

“What we are proposing is to encourage hiking, another motive to feel pride for our city, and for people to form the habit of taking a picture with the Tijuana letters,” said the president of the chamber Mario Escobedo Carignan to newspaper El Universal. “We are in talks for the authorization of the project on the ejido, in which we hope we can start soon.”

Ejido is an area of communal land. The project will cost four million pesos which is roughly $218,760. The chamber of commerce is expecting the funds from local businesses and the local government. They expect to build the sign three months after obtaining the funds.

The city mayor says he supports the project but that no public funds will be allocated for its construction.

The project has mostly been criticized in social media as a waste of money and lack of originality. Most commenters say money should go to fixing potholes or broken traffic signals and to respond to the insecurity the city has been suffering for over a year. Only a few comments out of hundreds deem it as a positive tourism incentive.

“It will be all tagged (graffiti) and I guarantee someone will steal a letter,” comments Angel Álvarez on my feed.

“Horrible idea, no originality in a city with so much talent. Waste of money when we have other priorities at hand like green and recreational spaces, schools, and hospitals,” comments Gilberto Herrera.

“Why is everyone getting mad that in Tijuana we put a sign that says TIJUANA? We are in Tijuana, aren’t we? Don’t be haters, it will look awesome!” comments Sebastian Farrugia.

This is not the first project Tijuana imitates from Hollywood. In 2014, the city was presented with El Paseo de las Estrellas, an imitation of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. The project sought to cover all of Avenida Revolución’s sidewalk with stars. This project was not well received and is currently abandoned. The stars that were placed in front of Caesar’s Restaurant and Praga Cafe have been removed.

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My initial reaction to seeing this headline was to assume that Mencken was making his/her third posting of the day. It was just as nutty as the one about the bridge. But this wasn't satire, or at least I don't think it was. Hmmm. Trying to borrow a landmark from LA of all places, and one that was more-or-less accidental, is not the way to go.

It would be far better if TJ would or could tackle its persistent sewage overflows and all the misery they bring to the northern neighbor in addition to itself. Keeps life interesting, doesn't it?

Love ❤️ it! But you left out the word UNTREATED or RAW in front of the word sewage.

The people of Tijuana, like the people of Detroit, don't have much to be proud of. It is not their fault that the economy sucks for them or that migrants from the south add to an already difficult situation. Let them have this symbol and maybe it will help inspire a sense of community. Yes there will be graffiti, yes a letter will be stolen from time to time and the colorful lights will be stolen. The sign can & will be maintained at little relative cost. The more controversy and attention drawn to the sign, the more aware citizens will be and that sense of community will grow stronger. I pity any haters who think that these people, already struggling, deserve anything less than this small point of pride.

Makes that hillside less dreary, more cheery. Could start a whole town makeover. They should create their own movie industry, more filming and story telling, less crime.

When I visit cities in Mexico, I always enjoy the giant Mexican flags they have in the town centers.

I wouldn't visit Tijuana, even if someone paid me!

I don't visit Tijuana. I drive through it to the Guadalupe Valley or the interior of Mexico. Once you get away from the border, Mexico is really an interesting place. These days I just tell them I'm Canadian.

If private funds are going to pay for it, I say go ahead! Cerro Colorado is already a popular hiking spot for locals. I say cut out the lighting and just make the sign. The lighting and wiring would just be stolen.

It is a beautiful, Magnificent majestic idea. should be two signs one saying "Puebla".

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