Critter cinema

Animals arrive in this week's new movie releases, including Pandas and Tehran Taboo

Let's start with the big new release: for some reason, there's a rooster in the poster for Blockers, a movie about parents trying to preserve their daughters' virginity. What's that about? (Cue Beavis & Butthead chuckle.)


Blockers 1.0

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At the other end of the spectrum (in more ways than one), there's Tehran Taboo, playing in exactly one theater locally. No animal in the poster, but there's a cat who embodies a pretty powerful theme.

Foxtrot has an animal in the title, but no actual foxes, I'm guessing.

Gemini has a sort of metaphorical animal — the lost puppy who follows you home and trips your motion-detecting security lights.

But Pandas? Animal in title, poster, and film. Trifecta. Alas, unreviewed.

Also reviewed: Finding Your Feet.

Also unreviewed: A Quiet Place (which seems to promise critters of the nasty variety), Ramen Heads, The Miracle Season.

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