Man jumps from OB Pier at midnight, body washes up at 3 a.m.

Lifeguards make five cliff rescues

Sunset Cliffs: 1 fall in water, and 1 stuck on cliff.
  • Sunset Cliffs: 1 fall in water, and 1 stuck on cliff.

Mar 11

11:28 Diving: Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond to diver being dragged out of the water at 2100 Vallecitos. Diver suffering from 70’ rapid ascent. Patient advised with medical.

12:49 Boating: Lifeguard vessel responds to disabled vessel 300’ off North Channel Jetty and checks welfare. Vessel regains power.

13:17 Medical: Lifeguard, medical and emergency units respond to San Rafael for 21 year-old female with ankle injury from skateboarding accident. Medical transports patient to Scripps La Jolla.

13:47: Boating: Lifeguard vessel responds to South Shores for 10’ Jon Boat, which appears to be an abandoned transient vessel. Vessel can’t be accessed due to low tide.

16:40 Boating: Multiple lifeguard units, medical, and SD Police units to Fiesta Bay, off Ski Beach, for two Mission Bay Sailing Center PWCs involved in an accident with injuries. Both 19-year-old males sustained leg injuries. Medical transports to UCSD

18:32 Boating: Lifeguard vessel responds to PWC inside surf off Ocean Beach. Hazardous situation at mouth of channel. 1 female on board with hypothermia escorted back to Mariners. Treat and release.

Mar 10

07:03 Boating/Enforcement: US Coast Guard reports a loaded boat with 12 persons on board disabled ½ mile off the Children’s Pool. Multiple lifeguard units, SD Police, Border Patrol and US Coast Guard on scene. Lifeguard vessel tows suspect vessel away from surf line and passes the tow to USCG vessel.

07:59 Other: Military-type flare on the beach at Blacks Beach. Lifeguard, SD Police on scene, call it clear, and transport casing to La Jolla Shores for pickup.

11:04 Other: Fire outside of fire ring at west side of Fiesta Island. Lifeguard and Fire on scene. Fire extinguishes fire.

Mar 9

06:48 Swimmer/Enforcement: Man hanging off buoy in Sail Bay off Fanuel Park. Lifeguard units respond. Lifeguard on scene requests surfboat to pick up the suspect. Suspect was compliant and brought to the beach. No further resources or assistance needed.

08:20 Medical: Medical aid on an unknown age male slumped over in a vehicle. Lifeguards and Fire respond. Lifeguards cancel and Fire will handle the call.

09:30 Medical: Medical aid on Ocean Beach Pier near the Café on a 63-year-old male history of seizures. Lifeguards, SD Fire and medical units respond. Medical transports patient to UCSD.

11:21 Medical: ankle injury on a 46-year-old male off 702 Reed St. on the boardwalk. Lifeguards and BLS (Basic Life Support) respond. Medics transport patient to unknown location.

12:15 Other: SD Police informs lifeguards of a 38-year-old suicidal male subject off Pacific Beach. Lifeguards have been advised.

12:39 Cliff: Glider down ¾ the way up on the cliff face at Saddle Back. Lifeguards, SD Fire, helicopter and medical respond. Victim is airlifted direct to Scripps La Jolla by helicopter.

Mar 8

13:09 Enforcement: Person harassing seals at Boomers. Cove guard on scene, meets with reporting person and suspect, calls it clear.

Mar 7

18:00 Other: SD Police advised lifeguard Communications Center that a motorist on South Ingraham Bridge was concerned a woman might possibly jump. SD Police and lifeguard respond. Call deemed unfounded after search of area.

Mar 6

13:19 Cliff: Lifeguard units respond to Boundary Line rescue at Blacks Beach for 20 year-old male stuck on cliff. Ladder rescue performed.

14:43 Medical: Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond to 1160 Coast of 77-year-old female syncopal episode. Medical advises and releases patient.

16:53 Boating: Lifeguard vessel provides emergency/courtesy tow to Islanda Fuel dock for runabout out of fuel.

18:11 Cliff: Multiple lifeguard units, emergency, SD Fire and helicopter units respond to Sunset Cliffs at Monaco for person stuck on cliff. Patient extricated without injuries.

Mar 5

00:04 Swimmer: 911 caller reports person jumps of Ocean Beach Pier, witnessed submersion. Victim jumped from park bench and landed inside the surf line. Reporting person heard yells and saw victim struggle. Victim appeared to be moving seaward, not toward shore. Multiple lifeguard shore and vessel units, US Coast Guard, helicopter, emergency and medical units respond and conduct search. Search called off at 01:10.

02:58 Body Recovery: SD Police advises body washed up at Ocean Beach Pier. Lifeguard units respond. Body recovered is an adult male wearing red jacket, tan pants, and white socks. Reporting person confirms identity of pier jumper/drowning from previous call.

09:27 Swimmer: Lifeguard reports spearfishing diver waving for help at South Boomer. Lifeguards, including Jet Ski unit respond and rescue 1 spear fisherman.

14:58 Medical Aid: 27 year-old male with traumatic head injuries from a fall off a scooter at Ocean Blvd/Emerald Street. Lifeguard responds. SD Fire and Medical units handle. Lifeguards clear.

15:09 Boating: VHF call of 2 people that fell of PWC in water at Sail Bay. Lifeguard vessel responds along with 2 good Samaritans on paddleboards to assist 2 victims. Victims were uninjured and reunited with PWC.

19:12 Flair Sighting: SD police 911 transfer call of reporting person at the Glider Port that saw a possible flare off Blacks Beach. Coast Guard was notified. Lifeguard checked the area. Nothing found.

Mar 4

09:15 Boating: Vessel Great Escape loses tender off Ocean Beach. Lifeguard vessel retrieves tender and returns to owner.

12:21 Medical: Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond to foot of Brighton Street for 24 year-old female with possible fractured foot. Medical transported patient to UCSD.

Mar 3

03:09 Cliff: 911 call 24 year-old female (and other), 1 fall in water, and 1 stuck on cliff. Metro notified, lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond to 1253 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Fire & lifeguards make contact with patients, who are able to be walked out. Patients advised and released by medical.

08:00 Cliff: 2 people stuck on cliff at Box Canyon. Multiple lifeguard units and SD Fire respond. Lifeguard Cliff Response unit performs ladder rescue. Non-injury, both individuals brought to Blacks Beach and escorted to car.

09:26 Dive: High hazard, scuba diver caught in rip current at La Jolla Shores Lifeguard Jet Ski makes rescue.

1047 Medical: Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond to Ocean Beach lifeguard tower for 50-year-old male with an altered level of consciousness. Medical transported patient to Scripps La Jolla.

13:26 Medical: Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond to 2000 Spindrift, La Jolla Beach and Tennis club for 87-year-old female fall. Fire to handle, lifeguards clear.

Mar 2

08:19 Boating: Vessel on the rocks at south tip of Point Loma. Lifeguard asked dispatch to call US Coast Guard for info, and US Coast Guard stated that the vessel has been there for days and have a contract out for commercial salvage. Lifeguard boat and Jet Ski units cancel their response.

14:59 Medical: Unknown medical aid at Wipeout Beach. Lifeguard, SD Fire units respond. SD Fire advised and released patient.

Mar 1

10:59 Enforcement: Witnessed flag burning Fiesta Island. Lifeguard, SD Police units respond. Unable to locate.

12:37 Cliff: 2 people stuck on cliff at Boundary Line northern area. Lifeguards, including Cliff Response unit respond to non-injury cliff call, 2 victims rescued.

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