Four million ways to enjoy Philz

Philz Coffee

1060 South Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas

Philz Coffee

8849 Villa La Jolla Drive #307, La Jolla

Another out of town coffee shop brand has moved farther south in continuing its San Diego expansion. San Francisco based Philz Coffee first moved into the area when it opened a shop in Encinitas in February of this year. In September, the growing chain added a second shop, this one in La Jolla.

Philz roasts its beans in Oakland, and packages in blends for three dozen retail shops scattered throughout California and Washington, D.C. Customers find as many as 15 different coffee blends available at a time, and each cup is brewed to order, made customizable with the addition of sweeteners, dairy adds, and other flavorings.

Chief executive Jacob Jaber contends "There are over four million ways to enjoy Philz." While the brand has no current plans to open another location here, a strong community response could change that. "San Diego is a natural fit," he says, "the vibe of the area, the interest in great coffee, and the laid-back ethos with high standards for quality."

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