Pradeep’s raise

The amount may sound generous...

UCSD chancellor Pradeep Khosla got a 3 percent pay hike from University of California regents
  • UCSD chancellor Pradeep Khosla got a 3 percent pay hike from University of California regents

UCSD chancellor Pradeep Khosla got a 3 percent pay hike from University of California regents at their September 14 meeting here, boosting his annual base salary to $462,684, retroactively effective as of this past July 1.

The amount may sound generous, but, explains a UC staff report, “This year, consistent with past years, most of UC’s chancellors continue to rank in the bottom quartile when compared to their counterparts at other Association of American Universities institutions, with regard to base salary and total cash compensation.”

Beverly Hills vulture capitalist Tom Gores, who bought the Union-Tribune from David Copley in 2009 and sold out to Republican mogul Douglas Manchester in 2011, is now the owner of the Detroit Pistons. But the professional basketball team, whose new downtown arena was financed by substantial public subsidies, has turned out to be a big money-loser.

“The Pistons lost $63.2 million before collecting revenue sharing last season, the largest loss by a wide margin, despite being one of the NBA’s larger markets. (The team received $17.6 million in revenue sharing to help offset the losses),” according to a report by ESPN. “Such shortfalls help explain why the Pistons wanted to move out of a building their parent company owned far into the suburbs and relocate to a new arena in downtown Detroit this season, hoping that it helps boost revenue.”

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Don't you get very tired of hearing how underpaid the UC and CSU administrators are? This game of comparing your pay to the average or highest paid of your peers is a game that few other employees can play. When it is done in governmental circles, it results in the lowest paid chasing the highest paid, and when the pressure grows enough, the whole pay distribution climbs up. The story of inadequate compensation was one of the justifications given for Khosla's predecessor, Maryanne Fox, to serve on a dozen or more boards of directors, mostly in corporate America. And I think the record showed that she earned more from board service than she did as chancellor. But then, where did her time, energy, and attention go? To UCSD, or to all those other organizations? Her record of foulups and messes left behind would indicate the latter.

It is not unreasonable to expect 100% effort from the chancellor, and if the pay is "only" in the $400K range, so be it. Trying to chase salaries given on other campuses, many of them richly endowed private operations, is foolish and will rarely get a better performer.

There is no public university chancellor worth that kind of money. A reasonable administrative salary is fine but the position is a public service position and should serve the students of the UC system. If he wants to make big money then he should go to the private for profit sector.

Wait, I'm lost. What does the Pradeep have to do with the Detroit Pistons?

There are two different stories there.

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