Rumor: NFL wants Chargers to return to San Diego

Team lost to Eagles yesterday

Roger Goodell
  • Roger Goodell

Green Philadelphia Eagles fans jerseys outnumbered Chargers fans' regalia yesterday (October 1) at the Chargers' new L.A. home. Eagles fans loudly disrupted Chargers signals and cheered the Eagles while booing the Chargers. The Chargers lost 26 to 24. They have started the season 0 and 4.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was in attendance. There are unconfirmed rumors that the league wants the Chargers to return to San Diego.

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The Chargers can come back, but Spanos cannot. He, Spanos, should just live out his days from the sell of the team in comfort in Stockton.

While I’m certain this is just a bunch of hyperbole, the ONLY way the Chargers should come back to San Diego is under new ownership. PERIOD.

I would welcome back the Chargers as long as Spanos was not part of the deal. I would (maybe) even go for a new stadium but not for Spanos.

AlexClarke. True. Spanos has to stay. Out. Best, Don. Bsuder

JustWoondenring. Spanos cannot come back. Best, Domn Bauder

No details. No attribution. Not even a link to any of these "unconfirmed rumors"? Is this just a blatant grab for empty clicks or incredibly shoddy journalism? Either way, it's definitely not what one would consider news and you're not really helping anyone with this kind of "story."

Ob-cart us. Except I have covered this topic in several previous posts. Best , Don Bauder

The Chargers left because they wanted to leave. There is no more attractive place in the world play or watch football than San Diego Stadium.

You were doing so well until you said, "...or watch football than San Diego Stadium."

Aardvark. You have thrown me with that one. Explicate, please I. Best, Dlon Bauder

Don: It is not a good place for football, as the seats are too far away from the field. The Dolphins took care of that when the Marlins moved to their own (fully taxpayer funded) ballpark. The Dolphins changed seat pitch, and moved sideline seats closer to the field, while at the same time removing thousands of seats. The same thing would need to happen here, and being as there is no NFL team playing here anymore, even more seats would need to be removed (including the entire upper deck). And yes--there are many older college stadiums around, but they were built mainly for football. Not one college stadium was built with the intent to play baseball and football there. I would expect a similar remodel of the current SD stadium to cost more than the approximately $350 mil spent by the Dolphins to remodel their stadium.

I have attended in every section of the Stadium, Lucky for me I have the ability to turn my head if the seat isn't perfectly "pitched", so my nose doesn't block the action. There is wheelchair access. I feel so lucky to be part of a generation that never noticed "pitch" problems outside of the concert hall. Those didn't require a billion dollars to fix.

As have I. And ironically, the city didn't have the proper wheelchair access when the stadium was last expanded, so parts had to be redone again, which became the basis for the Chargers to play rent-free in the stadium the last 10 years, after some seats were lost.

Ever sit in field level? During a football game, many of those seats were worthless, as you had to stand to see either over the players on the sideline, or the people standing in front of you who are also trying to see over the players on the sideline.

There was an excellent view of the cheerleaders. The closest seats perhaps shouldn't be sold, I enjoyed myself anyway, you see many things they don't show on TV.

Psycholizard: Tell us, please, what those things are that we can't see on TV. Best, Don Bauder

aardvark: Watching the game at field level is almost always a strain. That's why I wonder why most coaches and players watch the game from field level. Best, Don Bauder

Aardvark. In the mid-1990s, the stadium was adapted to football with the full approval of the Spanos family. Best, Don Bauder

Don: It was not adapted for football. All the city did was add seats by closing in the horseshoe shaped stadium. That did not adapt the stadium for football, as was evident by the fact that baseball was still played there until 2003.

Remember--it was Alex Spanos who first uttered the words, "we need a new stadium", not even 4 years after the stadium was expanded.

aardvark: The expansion to 70,000+ seating capacity satisfied the NFL and qualified the stadium for the Super Bowl, which it got. Best, Don Bauder

aardvark: I am sure there are better stadiums in which to watch a football game. But a city has to consider priorities. Are better sight lines more important than a rundown infrastructure? Best, Don Bayder

I don't disagree with you--which is why any new stadium should not be built by the city.

Psycholizard: The Chargers wanted to go to LA in the mid-1990s when they insisted on a contract that gave them opportunities to escape San Diego. When Fabiani joined up in the early 2000s. he said his job was to get a stadium in San Diego or one in LA. He got the latter. Best, Don Bauder

We are allowed our favorites, weather conditions and location make our Stadium unexcelled. Fans from around the nation happily attend there.

Psycholizard: But the fans from around the nation are also attracted by San Diego's great weather. "Come and watch New England wallop the Chargers and then play a couple of rounds of golf and go to the beach." Best, Don Bauder

psycholizard. True. Beginning in 1995' the Chargers have l Been plotting to get to LA. Best, Don. Bauder

AAmyandDarren. Economically. The Chargers could not prosper in ads. Possibly another team could, as long as they do not seek taxpayer money. Best, Don Bauder

Bill Powers. I majored in ad hominem. Best, Don Bauder

David Crossley. No journalist has the power to save the team or run it out of town. Best, Don Bauder

You know that, and I (and aardvark) know this. Some, apparently, don't want to, or can't, admit this.

aardvark: But some people have to find somebody to blame other than themselves. Best, Don Bauder

Clive Peters. If true, and I doubt it, it is aresultof TV revenue, which is the same as he would hsve gotten in San Diego, and attendance of fans of opposing. Teams. Best, Don. Bauder

Sandy. Agreed. The Chargers need several more years in LA. I report this rumor but do not believe it. Best, Don zBauder

Tnomad Marsigkia. The estimated asset worth of the team immediately went uo a billion dollars on the announcement of the move. But that worth is vapor . It will sink quickly if the Chargers bomb Uunless some multimillionaire is waiting to buy it. Best, Don Bauder

Carter. McKinney. The gainin asset value is shaky. Best, Don Bauder

Jeff Holland. Thr NFL is notorious for ovrrlooking or junking rules. Best, Don. Bauder

Mike Bullock. An intelligent owner would rebrand the team..Current ownership is not intelligent. Best, Fon. bauder

Coffins. Jordan. If the Chargers were a publicly owned enterprise with stockholder power, Spanos would be gone. Best, zzzzDon Bsuder

Mike Bullock. If the odds of rebranding are only 50-50, the team is in trouble.Best, Don Bauder

Lonnie Freeman. Could be. Best, Don aBauder

Judi. George. Laguna. You may be disappointed. Best, Don Bauder

John F. Kelly. Again ,check what we have previously written. We have covered in great depth for a number of years. Best, Don Bauder

Denis Ray.. I am not surprised. Best, Don Bauder

Ian. J Ekberg. It has been like past seasons. They lose by just a few points. Best, Don Bauder

Adam Welsch. Ads I recal,, the one-yer delay before the chargers were permitted was a result of some doubt that LA could support two teams. Best, Don Bauder

Adam Welsch, your statement about college football teams have twice the amount of attendance than any NFL game so far in LA is fundamentally incorrect. First of all, there is no stadium around here that I know of that holds 120k+, so it is a physical impossibility. Next, UCLA plays at the Rose Bowl, so technically not LA. Even with that being said, they are only averaging just under 59k in a facility with a capacity of 92k. USC is fairing slightly better, averaging just under 75k in the Coliseum, which can hold currently accommodate almost 94k, though after the next round of renovations, that capacity will be reduced to 77,500. Thru 3 games, the Rams are averaging just over 59k, slightly MORE than UCLA, but yes, about 15k less than USC. However, that being said, the Rams could never out draw USC, for one simple reason. This season, the Rams have limited ticket sales to about 65k, while keeping the option to sell more tickets for certain games should the demand be there. I understand the point you were trying to make, though an inaccurate one. Its just that using hyperbole instead of fact weakens your point.

danfogel: I would recommend that Adam Welsch not get into an argument with you. As I have learned, you know your facts. Best, Don Bauder

David. Crossley. Yes, the Raiders and Rams flopped and left in the mid-1990s. The Rams did have many prosperous years, though. Best. Don Bauder

Brad Willis. Soanos is a liability. Best, Don Bauder

Forrest Overin. Yes, in final years fans of opponents dominated. That was not always true. Best, Don Bauder

Mark Stsnger.San Diego metro is the 17th largest metro area. Although it is not s great sports town, itis big enough to have a pro football team once the bruises heal. Best, Don zBauder

don bauder, SD is the 17th market in terms of population. But in terms of television markets, it is a mere 28th. And, as we all know, television dollars are what is really important.

Danfogel..Yes, but as you know, Tv revenue is divided equally among owners. But you are correct that the low TV standing would be a negative in San Diego getting another team. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder yes, tv revenue is divided equally. But you know as well as I do the basis of that revenue. It is in large part based on the advertising dollars the networks can charge for spots during the games. So having a market ranked 28th in the mix draws down the average. A little simplified, but I am sure you now exactly how it works.

danfogel: We are in agreement: San Diego's low rank as a TV market could hurt its ability to attract another NFL team. However, the size of the market -- 17th in the nation -- would be a plus. Best, Don Bauder

Scott Moss. Possibly but not certainly. Best. Don Bauder

Hey Don, are you doing alright? Just concerned, the number of typos in your responses is unusually large and a style change is also not typical of you? Just wondering?

Thanks for asking. Wondering the same thing.

JustWondering. Thanks for asking. I am away from my computer and only have an iPad with no keyboard. So I am typing with an 81-year old finger. IWas hoping someone would ask. Best, Don Bauder. P.S. I will be back Friday afternoon.

Pleased to hear that you AND your 81 year old finger are well. The number of typos and non use of the colon had me thinking the worse. With the pressures of The Reader deadlines, all these responses to your reader's comment had me more worried about your 81 year old arteries than your finger. BTW, I'm just wondering, which "finger" do you use when pecking on your iPAD's virtual keyboard about the Chargers?

Would love to do multiple thumbs up on that comment. One for the concern, and at least one for the question.

JustWondering. Index. Best, Don Bauder

JustWondering: I don't use the middle finger salute in answering questions about the Chargers. Best, Don Bauder

Patrick. McDonald. Pro sports is not a game. It is a business -- a corrupt one. Best, Don Bauder

If the team, under new ownership, wanted to return to SD, what sort of conditions would apply? If it came back, played in the current facility, and worked hand-in-hand with the city to catch up on deferred maintenance and make some modest improvements, while paying a fair rent for use of the stadium, I'd be all for it. But would any new owner agree to that? I doubt it. The owner, whoever it would be, would want a sweetheart deal again, meaning no rent, or "negative rent" such as the Chargers received.

No, if they return somehow, it would just mean a restart of the agitation to get a brand new stadium. And with that would go all the distraction and inattention to the real needs of the city, which are many. An owner could have a very profitable deal under the conditions I mention above, but that doesn't seem to be anything NFL owners are willing to accept now. All seem to expect their host cities to roll over and give them the store, with the exception of Kroenke in LA.

If you harken back to the time when Sterling moved his Clippers to LA, you might recall that the team was not well accepted there for many years. Eventually it did manage to get a fan base, and now appears to be on par with the Lakers as far as popularity and acceptance. The NFL and the Chargers need to let a few years go by before panicking about lack of acceptance.

It would be so good to hear that the Spanos gang has sold the team. But maybe it just isn't worth as much as they hoped. All this sort of talk just depresses its value to a buyer.

The NFL is not coming back here without a new stadium. Period.

aardvark: Statements by NFL brass certainly suggest you are right. Best, Don Bauder

Visduh: I am afraid you are absolutely right. If a new owner considered moving the team back to San Diego, he or she would demand bushels of corporate welfare. Upon learning San Diego's dislike of corporate welfare, the new owner might choose another metro area. Best, Don Bauder

ARoobert Ward. You may not watch football for a long time. I think the players will keep this up for. A long time. Most owners are with the players. Best, Don Bauuder

Pete Corlin. True. For now, Spanos will stay away from San Diego. Best, Don Bauder

Scott Johnston. you may be right. Best, Don. Bauder

Robert Rose. That could be true. Best, Don Bauder

Timothy Madsen Sr.New owner and only private financing are essential. Best, Don Bauder

JustWondering. We thought my keyboard was working. Just as we were leaving, we discovered it was not working. That left with my finger. Best, aaaDon Bauder

Visduh. Spanos will not retutprn for a decade. Any new owners would have to state they will not use public money, espexpect for infrastructure. Best, Don. Bauder

Jay Scott a umber. There are definite similarities between Spanos and Stirling. Best, Don Bauder

Jay Scott a umber. There are definite similarities between Spanos and Stirling. Best, Don Bauderu

Aardvark.. If so, it better be built with private capital. best, Don Bauder

Alberto Mata. Gee, I think Chargers dans have been screaming. Best, Don Bauder

UAlberto Mata. Gee, I think Chargers dans have been screaming. Best, Don Bauder

Here's some humor about the Chargers from Jimmy Kimmel:

Don’t appreciate Kimmel’s politics, but that bit on the Chargers was really funny. Especially the very end, very poetic.

This UT video on the Eagles game at Stubhub was also telling.

JustWondering: Those were poignant interviews. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: Great! I like the idea of contemplating one's navel in an empty stadium. And parking so easily. Best, Don Bauder

Amy AndDaron Stinton. I only opposed taxpayer money going to the Chargers. I had no problem with the Chargers using their own money to build a stadium. Best, Don Bauder

David Crossley: Agreed. Best, Don Bauder

Amy AndDaron Stinton II: A journalist doesn't have the clout to run a pro team out of town. Best, Don Bauder

Amy AndDaron Stinton III: Fair and square and the NFL don't go together. Best, Don Bauder

David Crossley II: I would not have favored a public subsidy under any circumstance. Best, Don Bauder

Amy AndDaron Stinton IV: Aguirre had only one term in office. Best, Don Bauder

David Crossley III. Yes, government could not have given away land, reasonably, without a vote. Best, Don Bauder

Amy AndDaron Stinton V: Don't believe what Steeg and Fabiani say. Best, Don Bauder

According to a USA Today Story, there are eight reasons why there is NO CHANCE the Chargers will come back to San Diego...

650M relocation fee to LA is #1

"8 Reasons Chargers Will Never Go Back to San Diego

1) Flip Tax

2) Expectations

3) 20/20 Vision

4) No Place Else to Go


6) Changeable Narrative

7) Attendance Fluctuations Don't Matter Much (Big Money is in TV, Corporate Sponsorships, Naming Rights, Advertising)

8) Change in Long Term Franchise Value LA v SD.


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