A plethora of three- and four-star movies in this week’s new releases, including Thor: Ragnarok, The Nile Hilton Incident, Jane, and Tragedy Girls

The Nile Hilton Incident: Even dirty cops want to do the right thing sometimes.
  • The Nile Hilton Incident: Even dirty cops want to do the right thing sometimes.

As the Beast used to say in the old X-Men comic books, “Oh my stars and garters.” (And yes, that’s a cheap way of referencing this week’s comic-book movie release, Thor: Ragnarok. Let’s get back to the talk about stars, shall we?)


Thor: Ragnarok 1.0

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This week sees the release of not one but two four-star films for Grumpy Old Man Lickona. Okja hit Netflix some time ago, but this week it’s getting a theatrical release. I had a chance to watch it a second time, and looking back I think I was a little giddy when I gave it four big ones. But then, it isn’t often that a movie makes me giddy. And who knows, I may look back at The Nile Hilton Incident one day and shake my head over how much I just plain enjoyed its modern Egyptian noir. But for now, four stars! And another three for the very fine documentary Jane. Watch it together with Project Nim for a prime primate pairing!

As for Scott, he laughed at Tragedy Girls and giggled inappropriately at The Killing of a Sacred Deer. (He probably smirked at the makeup in LBJ, too, but his review isn’t up just yet. And who knows? A Bad Mom’s Christmas may make him chuckle despite himself. He’s a jolly fellow. Keep checking back!) The endless carnage of Blade of the Immortal clouded up his sunny disposition a bit, but it took the “well, whaddya know” happenstance of Wonderstruck to really make him frown.

Opening but unreviewed: No Dress Code Required.

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