Kensington bicyclist ticketed for not stopping at Meade and 39th

No Idaho stops in Calif. yet

Meade and 39th — it's a trap!
  • Meade and 39th — it's a trap!

“The policeman told me, ‘You are (riding) a bike and need to follow the rules of the road, and you did not stop at this four-way,'” said Anna Grace Carter.

She received a ticket that read “Civ. 22450(a) cvc stop sign.”

Anna Grace Carter: “It felt like he was just trying to make money, this was not for my safety."

Anna Grace Carter: “It felt like he was just trying to make money, this was not for my safety."

Carter, 27, from Kensington, was riding her bicycle at 8:35 a.m. on Friday, March 24 to get her morning coffee at Dark Horse Coffee Roasters. As she crossed the intersection of Meade and 39th “… instantly he is behind me and I’m like Whaaaaat?” she said. “I never saw him [coming].”

She said Officer R. Thomas rode a motorcycle and pulled her over instantly, “like he was hiding by that shrubbery and white fence,” as she pointed to the houses and the apartment around the corner from where she was stopped.

“If there are zero cars at the stop sign, I’m not going to stop because it takes a lot more power to stop,” Carter said, “especially going uphill on Meade.”

She said she slowed down to about seven or eight miles per hour and knew because she monitored her speed with an app on her Apple watch. She added that the police officer disagreed and said, “You didn’t even slow down.”

“I was really upset by the way it was handled,” Carter said, “it felt like he was just trying to make money, this was not for my safety; there were no cars around.”

Shortly after receiving her ticket, she called her husband. He immediately posted about the incident to his social media. “I’d thought I’d share that the police are hiding out here (Meade and 39th) regularly and watching the stop sign. Make sure you stop all the way,” her husband warned. Others agreed and responded that Kensington and Normal Heights are hotspots for bicycle infractions.

Jean Zagrodnik, 62, from Normal Heights, approved of cops handing out tickets to bicyclists that do not abide by the law. “From what I understand, there are other places that have different rules that allow bikes to slow down and pass through stop signs without actually stopping,” she said. “If that were the law here, I would be fine with it.”

Zagrodnik was referring to the “Idaho stop.”

In 2010, Jason N. Meggs, from University of California, Berkeley, did a study on the Idaho stop. A portion of it read: "Idaho presents a natural experiment to test the safety of relaxing requirements due to its state law allowing cyclists to yield rather than come to a hard stop. Comparison cities lacking the law were sought, and Idaho fared best for overall bicycle safety, 30.4% better than the closest match. Bicycle injuries declined 14.5% the year after adoption of the law. Interviews and a survey were conducted and all indications were that the law has been beneficial or had no negative effect, encouraging additional states to follow."

“They are trying to pass the law now (in California),” said Carter’s husband, “just like in Idaho.”

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There's a big difference between Idaho and California. Idaho is mostly rural and has a population of 1.7 million people. California has a population of 39 million people. The stops signs are there for everyone's safety. Those who don't follow the rules should be cited.

"Make sure you stop all the way, her husband warned." Good advice for his wife.

So why aren't they giving tickets to drivers who run stop signs? About 50% of vehicles do that every day on Louisiana Street in North Park. I've reported it to SDPD, but no action.

That seems to be the norm everywhere. In my community the cars routinely run stop signs. I've come to a crossing, stop and another vehicles will come racing up, tap his brakes... look at me and hit the gas... with his inertia will help propel him past me, the person with the right-of-way.

Speeding, blocking lanes, using disabled parking spaces without a placard, rolling stop signs, not signaling (and sometimes wondering why you got in an "accident").... all seem to be a modern problem.

Does the DMV require any kind of school certificate? Or can you get a license if your last vehicle was a beast of burden? When I went to high school I spent a semester in "driver training." We studied the vehicles code. Me memorized the signs, symbols, curb colors and distances. He saw the tragedies of drunk driving on videos. We used a simulator in a trailer. Then we went out in a real car with a driving instructor. We carefully obeyed all the speed limits and traffic controls.

After months of that we could qualify for a "learners permit." But that training is not statewide anymore, and it is private training that people have to pay for out of their pocket. So our DMV and Vehicle Code is outdated and outmoded because it reflects an era of anticipated training that no longer exists. Now, like in any third-world country, our DMV will get you a license, no matter what language you speak or understand, as long as you can get through a couple minute test. The test you prepared for doing donuts at the Salton Sea.

Darn it. I missed doing donuts at the Salton Sea............LOL

I also had driver training in high school in OK. This helped me pass the driving and written test easily, getting my license at 16.

If bicycle riders were just trying to make their way along with the least fuss and conserving their energy, this might make sense. Unfortunately, I've seen too many of them blow through stop signs, forcing motor vehicle drivers to brake, swerve, and otherwise dodge them. The most recent little outrage was when a bicyclist cussed me out (I was on foot) for being in a crosswalk and he had go behind me. Doh, pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks, in relation to motor vehicles and the damned bikes, too. I biked for a number of years, and while I didn't always stop at stop signs, I made sure that I made it safely. Not one accident involving a car, and never took a hard spill. But the arrogance of many of the riders has me at a point of no sympathy and a hope that they do get ticketed.

This bad behavior is common in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. The entire 101, and I will include the entire route, S. Coast Highway north and Torrey Pines Road and the Camino Del Mar stretch. "Cyclists" go in packs of 2 or up to 20+ and they blow through intersections that have stops signs and RED LIGHTS. They assume the 'community' understands they are "green", "sustainable", "cutting emissions", "saving the planet..."

It's an arrogance that they deny. Cyclists, bikers are a community. They have demons too. And people that get in their way are demons. Because you can't get in the way of someone who seriously thinks they are saving the planet.

The Declaration of Independence: "The current government has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance"

Tickets are an Act of War!!!

The same rules of the road apply to bicyclists as drivers. Cops can't be everywhere so people do get away with running stop signs etc. Bicyclists are worse than vehicle drivers. I witnessed a fatal crash at a four way stop when a bicyclist ran a stop sign and was killed by a vehicle legally crossing the intersection.

Several years ago I got a ticket for not knowing it was 10 minutes to 9, late taking my daughter to middle school, did a stop and turned right off of Adams to get onto the 15 without waiting for the light to change, wasn't looking for a sign, illegal before 9AM, maybe still is. Motorcycle cop.

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