Veterans foundation Three Wise Men goes Headstrong

Small big money world

Nathan Fletcher’s nonprofit gets some headwind from friends in high places
  • Nathan Fletcher’s nonprofit gets some headwind from friends in high places

Republican-turned-independent-turned Democrat Nathan Fletcher, widely spoken of as a Fourth District candidate for San Diego county supervisor, has regularly promoted a nonprofit he set up in September 2014. “The Three Wise Men Veterans Foundation stands and fights for this new generation of veterans — the Exceptional Generation — returning home from war,” said a December 2016 statement from the group posted online. “Unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse and suicide are all too common.”

Then last month, the nonprofit hit some headwind when the Union-Tribune reported that Fletcher’s second wife, Democratic assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, had been hitting up big oil, drug companies, and San Diego Gas & Electric — all with a stake in state legislation — for cash to fund the Fletcher-run foundation. Now comes word that Three Wise Men is being merged into a similar venture in New York operated by the son of a wealthy Hillary Clinton backer.

“Last year, we shifted our focus to tackling the stigma of post-traumatic stress,” wrote Fletcher in his announcement of the deal with the Headstrong Project, founded by Zach Iscol. His mother Jill Iscol is a longtime Martha’s Vineyard chum of Clinton and was one of the former secretary of state’s biggest campaign-cash bundlers. Jan Iscol also funded the controversial Clinton Foundation in an amount between $250,000 to $500,000.

Zach, like Fletcher a Marine Corps veteran of the second Iraq conflict, is a 2001 alumnus of Cornell University, which also happens to be the alma mater of La Jollan Irwin Jacobs, billionaire Qualcomm founder and Clinton donor who financed Fletcher’s two failed attempts to become mayor of San Diego. Headstrong’s primary backer is the Ithaca, New York, university’s Weill Cornell Medical College, whose own major benefactor, ex-Citigroup chairman Sanford I. Weill, came up with $5 million in 2014 to bankroll a professorship at the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, being built on Roosevelt Island off Manhattan.

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It's only and ALWAYS been about the money and power with Fletcher. It's NEVER been about the citizens or constituents! Fletcher is out for himself and no one else no matter what he says.

Follow the money$. This merger may be a smokescreen for poor accounting practices and lack of timely disclosures by Mr. Fletcher. Now that his lawmaker-wife has thrown her considerable weight behind the ongoing shakedown of local business leaders, there's more pressure on NF to tidy up his balance sheet before he announces for office. (Yawn).

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