What is hip?

Answer correctly for a chance to win swag — no Googling!

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Dear Hipster,

I became a part of the new breed. I’ve been smoking only the best weed and hanging out with the so-called hippest set. I’ve been seen in all the right places, and with all the right faces. I should be satisfied, but still it ain’t quite right. So I ask you, what is hip?

— T. Power, Lincoln Acres

Kudos to you, sir or madam. It’s not every day a pop-culture reference eludes me. I know one when I see one, but for this one I resorted to the Googlings. I could say I don’t listen to enough Soul [hint hint], but I really ought to listen to more Soul. Either way, if this were a pub quiz, I’d be out on the street for unsportsmanlike conduct. Fortunately, this column is my own private fiefdom, where I am seised of all the hipness I survey, and I may exercise the tyrant’s prerogative to Google trivia as needed.

I take no pride in that, but I also challenge anyone to gainsay my sovereignty.

However, I’ll happily send some swag to the first two people who write in with the correct reference. You’re on the honor system, though, so don’t Google it! I promise the swag isn’t valuable enough to justify the sacrifice of your honor atop an altar forged from the bones of dishonest trivia buffs. I’ll call my bro, Alex, and you don’t want to mess with him. He’s savage.

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If you have to ask what is hip, you're obviously not hip. And who today even uses the word "hip" since it seems rather archaic?

Well, that was directed at T. Power. He asked the question. ;-)

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