Tronc’s typos

Owner of U-T wants to buy Us Weekly?

Are tronc’s dabblings with other publications going to serve the Union-Tribune well?
  • Are tronc’s dabblings with other publications going to serve the Union-Tribune well?

Word that Chicago-based tronc, owner of the San Diego Union-Tribune, wants to get into the celebrity news business by buying supermarket glossy Us Weekly from Rolling Stone publisher Wenner Media for $90 million, has not gone over particularly well at tronc-owned Los Angeles Times, which prefers to take a higher brow approach to show-business journalism.

The putative acquisition may also cause discomfort at the U-T, which saw its editorial staff shrink by another seven positions last month, barely a week after tronc CEO Justin Dearborn stated at an investors conference that the company would “attrit” its worker ranks companywide. But tronc is currently hiring over at the Del Mar Times, one of the U-T's satellite papers purchased by Tribune Publishing (now tronc) in May 2015 as part of its $85 million Union-Tribune takeover deal with local Republican kingpin and hotel developer Doug Manchester.

“Make your mark at the award-winning weekly Del Mar Times,” says a typo-filled job notice for a reporter recently posted online. “We are seeking a full-time reporter for our Solano beach [sic] location.” The successful candidate must be able to “connect with the community through storytelling and outreach with the ablity [sic] to turn out at least six thru [sic] seven stories a week,” and be “comfortable covering various council, school board, and government meetings.” A “college degree in journalism” or “2-3 years of journalism, reporter or editorial experience” is also required. In addition, “the ability to shoot story-telling photos is a must.” The not-so-good news: “This is a fulltime position that pay [sic] $15/hr.”

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Isn't it fun to find a job posting like that one? Hilarious in that a newspaper(?), a source of proper spelling, grammar and syntax, cannot even spell the words correctly. Fifteen bucks an hour could be bettered by taking a job as a bartender or bar maid, especially in Del Mar. Those people get tips; the reporter gets nothing except rejection when he or she tells the truth.

The big story is that of Us Weekly. I seldom agree with the LA Times, but that mag is as low-brow as anything you can imagine. The wretched People magazine is at least two steps higher on the ladder than Us. I'm more than amazed that it still exists. Never underestimate the taste of (some of) the American public.

A reporter would only break even in Del Mar after either paying for parking or paying parking tickets.

There's another typo in the illustration: "The Del Mar Mar Times has won...." ;-) How tronc-alicious!

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