The Chargers biggest contribution to San Diego was “leaving”

Jason Roe’s Fabiani flail

Jason C. Roe still works at Revolvis.
  • Jason C. Roe still works at Revolvis.

Proving that old grudges die hard in San Diego politics, Jason Cabel Roe, the high-dollar political consultant known among insiders as Kevin Faulconer’s brain, is still gunning for the recently departed Chargers.

“Already playing more of a civic role in LA than EVER did in SD: L.A. Chargers among major donors to Measure H,” says a March 4 Roe tweet about news that the team had come up with $50,000 for the successful proposition on last week’s Los Angeles ballot to raise sales taxes a half point to raise cash for homeless programs.

Roe subsequently tweeted that the team’s biggest contribution to San Diego was “leaving.” Back in February 2015, Roe was singled out for scathing criticism by Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani regarding allegations about Roe’s lucrative lobbying business and his participation in the mayor’s stadium task force.

“Putting the legal and ethical issues aside for a moment,” wrote Fabiani in a letter to Faulconer, “what sense does it make to have someone who is your chief advisor on political matters, and who advises a potential stadium vendor on business matters, play any sort of role with the ‘independent’ Task Force?” Roe later exited the influence-peddling business after his client was awarded the stadium food-and-booze contract.

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Sour grapes? No, he's far more sophisticated than that. He's giving some cover to Kev-boy, who is being blamed for not "doing whatever" to keep the Chargers by diehard fans. Roe is actually right about the Spanos gang and its team; he's just saying it for the wrong reasons. In a year or two much of the public will have forgotten what it was like to have a NFL franchise, and will also be happy that the feuding with Deano and his bunch has stopped. Then the San Diego psyche can move on to other things, and get back to enjoying the climate, beaches, mountains, and tourist attractions. (Oh, and dodging potholes, leaky water lines, run-down parks, plus the occasional sewage spill.)

Don't forget the long-delayed maintenance/renovations needed for several Balboa Park buildings.

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