Noise at the library

Sam Lopez's sacred albums

Sam Lopez

Sam Lopez is a promoter, label owner, and noise musician.

Local artist?

“I’m very partial to the artists who have had releases on [my label] Stay Strange — Monochromacy, Xavier Ramirez, and Michael Zimmerman.”

Live band?

“I love watching Meyer Hirsch perform. Meyer is a conundrum layered in angel’s skin. Although technically a noise musician, there’s a black-humor value brewing sinisterly underneath. Out of that brew rises an uncomfortable air of uncertainty about what is really unfolding in front of you. In other words, is what Hirsch doing part of the show? Or is it an un-reality sitting in your lap?”


“I hold these three albums sacred. Sacred. The way a farmer looks at the earth and he holds it sacred. The way a Christian takes the Bible and holds it sacred. Slayer’s Reign In Blood, Black Flag’s My War, and The Geto Boys by Geto Boys.”

Venue to perform or host?

Central Library

330 Park Boulevard, East Village

“Central Library. I love our libraries and to have noise shows there is something amazing. Plus you can check out a book while you are at it.”

Venue to see bands?

Brick by Brick

1130 Buenos Avenue, Linda Vista

“As a metal head, I love seeing bands at Brick By Brick. I’ve been going to shows there for years and have seen so many great bands, from Melvins to Dio and everything in between. Special hails to the fearless booker for kicking out the jams with the metal artists of my youth.”

Visual artist?

“Hands down, Xavier Vasquez. From exploding whale visuals to Eraserhead and not to mention his own visual distortions adorning white walls everywhere.”

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