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After the show, anything goes for Lety Beers

Lety Beers (right) of the Schizophonics insists the Casbah “has magic in the walls.”
  • Lety Beers (right) of the Schizophonics insists the Casbah “has magic in the walls.”
  • Image by Ryan St. James

Lety Beers is the drummer-in-chief of the Schizophonics, the Rosalyns, and the Little Richards.

What’s your favorite local band?

“Tie between the Loons and Creepy Creeps. Always lifts up the spirit when you see these guys!”

What’s your favorite local venue?

The Casbah

2501 Kettner Boulevard, Little Italy

“The Casbah. That place has magic in the walls.”

Do you have a favorite studio that you like to use?

“Working with Mike Kamoo at Earthling Studios [El Cajon] is so easy, and we love the recordings we get out of there. Great equipment, vibe, and person!”

Where is your favorite place to buy gear?

Pitbull Audio

300 W 28th Street #101 , National City

“Pitbull Audio has surprised me lately with their inventory. Found some really hard-to-find pedals and they have fair prices.”

Do you have a favorite local radio station?

“Magic 92.5, ‘the Beat of San Diego,’ especially Cruising with the X-Man!”

Do you have a favorite local DJ?

“Tim Pyles. It’s great seeing him so involved in local music. He’s the first person to ever play us on the radio and does a lot to support new and upcoming bands.”

Where do you like to eat before shows?

“We usually eat at Subway or at home. Gotta watch the pre-show meals, but afterwards anything goes!”

What’s a cool place that you suggest out-of-town friends or bands hit while they’re in San Diego?

Bali Hai

2230 Shelter Island Drive, Shelter Island

“Bali Hai. Great view and amazing drinks.”

Where do you go for peace and quiet when you’re not working?

“Tecolote Canyon with our dachshund Beanie.”

Best local music trend?

“Having musicians collaborate on each other’s projects. Makes the music community keep expanding when everyone plays with everyone.”

Best potential viral-video moment that you witnessed but didn’t have the opportunity to record?

“When [Schizophonics bandmates] Robert Lopez went wild during an El Vez show and kicked Tom Lord in the balls mid-song. He didn’t miss a beat!”

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