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Lou Niles hopes to see clubs go back to all kinds of music, like Haight Ashbury in the ’60s and ’70s, and L.A. in the ’80s.

Few locals have more music biz experience than Lou Niles. As the host of 91X’s all local Loudspeaker show when San Diego was considered the next Seattle (1988–1996), Niles was the first to play Jewel, P.O.D., and blink-182 on the radio. He’s been a tour manager for over 40 tours (Steve Poltz, Inch, Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash) and held record company jobs in A&R, publishing, and radio promotion. Two years ago the Oceanside resident rejoined Loudspeaker.

Current favorite local band(s)?

The Pour House

1903 S. Coast Highway, Oceanside

Village Pub

2990 State Street, Carlsbad

The Office

3936 30th Street, North Park

Inspired and the Sleep, Trouble in the Wind, Western Settings, The Verigolds. 91X asked my opinion about who should be the Local Break artist of the month. I suggested Vokab Kompany. Even though they are poppy and dancey for 91X, a lot of alternative music now is poppy and dancey. They listened to me. Vokab Kompany was the February 91X Local Break band.”

What’s a good place to hang with musicians?

“In North County the Pour House in Oceanside or the Village Pub in Carlsbad. I like the scene at the Office in North Park. Some people give it stink because they have tribute nights. But I think it’s a great community vibe to have people from different bands get together to hang out and play their favorite Creedence or Prince or Joy Division songs together.”

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