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Soccer Is Boring

Re: City Lights, "Could Major League Soccer Kick the City Where It Counts?"

Football, soccer — whatever it’s called it’s the most boring game I’ve ever watched compared to the NFL. Was this part of the plan? Get rid of the Chargers and then we can slide Major League Soccer in there? It’s boring!

All I see are hyping stories on the news: SoccerCity, SoccerCity. I think we’re still doomed.

  • John
  • San Diego

1115 Loma Avenue in 2012, before the windows were replaced

1115 Loma Avenue in 2012, before the windows were replaced

Safety First

Re: Neighborhood News: “No Ugly Windows Here, People

Leaky windows create mold. Safety first. Maybe a replica façade could be placed over the new windows, honoring historic value without causing damage.

  • Cynthia Nelson
  • Rancho Mirage

I Used to Be a Pedestrian Myself

I’m calling about the danger to pedestrians in this particular Point Loma area (City Lights: “City's Shocking Crosswalk Hazard Cover-up?”). I’d like to point out that pedestrians in San Diego are in danger almost all over the entire city — or even the county!

I have a car now, but I used to be a pedestrian myself, and one of the first things I’d like to bring up is that when the signal light indicates that it’s safe for pedestrians to go ahead and cross, and that little white man comes up, you have to be an Olympic track star to get through the

crosswalk before that little white man turns into a red hand. They don’t give you enough time to safely cross. I always felt very nervous crossing traffic, and almost got hit a number of times.

I live in San Ysidro and here on San Ysidro Boulevard there have been two fatal pedestrian accidents in the last year and a half.

Now I have a car. So, as a driver approaching a crosswalk, I always give pedestrians all the time they need to get across. However, I notice they tend to scurry, and behave very nervously, almost like they have to run away from the car. Also, they tend to give a nervous little wave and make eye contact. I don’t think that little wave is to say hello. I think it’s more to assure them that I actually do see them, and that I’m not going to run them over.

So, drivers in San Diego County need to be a little more courteous to pedestrians. Pedestrians shouldn’t feel like they have to scatter like little rats every time a car approaches a crosswalk.

  • Vivian M. Dunbar
  • San Ysidro

The Gateway Inn next to the border submitted a request to the city to demolish the two-story hotel where 20 children lived.

The Gateway Inn next to the border submitted a request to the city to demolish the two-story hotel where 20 children lived.

Tired of Paying

I don’t believe it was right to glorify a family with nine children that is irresponsible socially and economically on the front cover of your February 23 issue (“A Dystopia of Sorts”), to interview the mother and to waste time and energy on something that the family should work out themselves. I am tired of the taxpayers in America paying for people who do not want to assimilate in our society, but want the benefits.

The husband and wife should have been fixed so that there will be no more future births that we can’t support as a nation! Please, in the future have a story on someone who is doing good for the city, state, and country, i.e., an organic vegetable farmer helping feed the nation or activists stopping big corporations like Monsanto who are ruining and slowly killing people worldwide!

  • Name withheld
  • via email

One Father or Nine?

It is hard to believe in this day and age that a woman will bear nine children and then live in a hotel room with all of them. One father or nine? Somebody needs birth control — in this case after three children if she can’t keep her legs together. She did not cry rape ... did she?

  • Gernot Trolf
  • Mission Beach

Look to the Eastern Side of the Park

Re: News Ticker: “Drop the Shovel — More Court for Plaza de Panama Plan

I see again the city is looking toward the parking garage in the worst location. Here is my old architect’s two cents.

The zoo parking lot is a natural, remembering that the entrance to the 1915/1935 expos were at the head of the eastern side of the park.

I believe that if the city were to build a multistory garage (with design) and use the lower surrounding first level of the garage for commercial shops the city could gleam rents from, then also have a place for two or more trams (again with some design) to bring people all over the park and back, this would serve the parking issue and also get the cars off the bridge and roads.

Then, at the top of this parking garage, have view-point restaurant(s) that, again, the city could gleam rents from, and the people could enjoy the top space.

This multipurpose commercial garage/restaurant space would be a win-win for all concerned.

  • Ralph Bowman
  • Valley Center

Grab some cake and shaddup

Grab some cake and shaddup

Cake courtesy of The French Gourmet

What Could Be More Agreeable?

I really enjoyed your spoof on the Charger’s pseudo relationship with its fans. But, frankly, isn’t this old news? I mean, the Chargers are gone, and good luck to them.

What’s coming out of the White House lately is far more interesting and hysterical. I wake up each morning, turn on the news, and it’s like watching an SNL episode. Sometimes you can’t tell the difference.

Take health care. I think the Reader should engage in public service and ask its readers to opine — a survey?

In consideration of all the work the Republicans have put into creating the American Health Care Act, aka Trump Care, they should have it! Let all Republicans sign up for Trumpcare! And I mean all: every Republican elected official, city, state, and federal, including the Great Tweetster himself.

For the Democrats? The Democrats have to keep the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Again, that means everybody: city, state, and federal. For Independents and other miscellaneous political groups (Green, Libertarian, etc.), let them choose whichever health plan they like. Let the people decide over the next couple years. Tally-up the numbers for each plan in, say, 2019? Whichever plan has the most members wins! That plan becomes the plan for the nation.

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