San Diego Reader 2017 music issue

Where it’s at: daytime discotheques, peace and quiet, etc

Gary Wilson, in Hillcrest, where he's lived since 1978.
  • Gary Wilson, in Hillcrest, where he's lived since 1978.
  • Image by Andy Boyd

Make no mistake about it, San Diego is home to its share of top talents in pop, rock, jazz, and blues. The Reader’s music crew cast its net to find out why these music makers live and work here above anywhere else.

Local buzz

Local buzz

Schizophonics photo by David Evanko

Ducks and mannikins — Gary Wilson has been championed by everybody from Beck to Jimmy Fallon and the Roots. By Jay Allen Sanford

Didn’t miss a beat — Lety Beers of the Schizophonics insists the Casbah “has magic in the walls.” By Dryw Keltz

Slick backline — Cathryn Beeks promotes weekly Listen Local events around town, provides musician photo services, and performs with bands such as the Ordeal, Groove Kitties, and CalAmity. By Jay Allen Sanford

The perfect place to become human again — Gilbert and Lorraine Castellanos make music together and apart. By Robert Bush

I was enthralled — Next month will mark 20 years in San Diego radio for Hilary Chambers. By Ken Leighton

I wanted to tear the guitar out of his hands — Greg Douglass wrote “Jungle Love.” Do not play it — or any other Steve Miller song — wrong. By Jay Allen Sanford

That nice homey feel — Sam Chammas, the co-owner (with Joe Austin) of the Live Wire and Whistle Stop, is part of San Diego’s roots-rock era. By Ken Leighton

Less cowbell — Daniel Ellis is the Splavender mastermind who utilizes his synesthesia super-power to his creative advantage. By Dryw Keltz

A style of music I wasn’t aware of — Glen Galloway has a fiery gospel record in the works. By Chad Deal

Local DJs drive me insane — Adam Gimbel: occasional gunslinger for Rookie Card and full-time Geezer. By Dryw Keltz

Full-on guitar-driven — Joey Harris is inspired by his 14-year-old son. By Dave Good

Casbah tattoo — Alfred Howard plays instruments you’ve never heard of and serves as house scribe for various Redwoods acts. By Dryw Keltz

Not a lot of sweet rooms — Nathan Hubbard's cool spots By Robert Bush

Noise at the library — Sam Lopez's sacred albums. By Chad Deal

The loud family — Charles McPherson is considered the nation’s preeminent bebop alto saxophonist. By Dave Good

A concept clubs should get back to — Sue Palmer would like to see things like Haight Ashbury in the ’60s and ’70s, and L.A. in the ’80s. Jay Allen Sanford

Build the soccer stadium — Dawn Mitschele is a local singer/songwriter who splits time between going it solo and the Cardinal Moon. By Dryw Keltz

Smells like pot and anxiety — Matt Molarius's home studio is second only to Audio Design. By Dryw Keltz

Community vibe — Few locals have more music biz experience than Lou Niles. By Ken Leighton

The only place I like to rehearse — Steve Poltz could have gone anywhere to make Folksinger — he chose San Diego. By Dave Good

Seemed sketchy — Jeff Trageser's show routine. By Chad Deal

Get your head caved in — Short answers from Space Time curator Xavier Vasquez. By Chad Deal

A place for soup at 3 a.m. — Joshua White is a night-owl, an avid reader, and an avid gym-goer. By Robert Bush

My absolute favorite place to hang out — What Bonnie Wright is all about. By Robert Bush

Fast, punchy, straight to the point — Chances are good that you will see Justin Pearson at Kindred. By Chad Deal

I like the hourly-rate room — Diana Death is obsessed with YouTube videos about the supernatural. By Dave Good

Talk about doing something with nothing — Cory Stier has come a long way from Pistola. By Ken Leighton

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