March comes in like a wolverine

Logan heads up a strong bunch of new movie releases

Logan: Hugh Jackman stars as a very grumpy old man.
  • Logan: Hugh Jackman stars as a very grumpy old man.


Logan 3.0

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I liked the superhero movie Logan a lot, mostly because it was less about superheroes and more about keeping the flame of faith alive as the darkness closes in and about keeping civilization going by taking care of old people and kids. The scene where people watch Shane is no accident and not even a terrible overreach.


My Life as a Zucchini <em>(Ma vie de courgette)</em> 3.0

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Speaking of taking care of kids, I also really liked My Life as a Zucchini, another film that takes a normally kid-friendly format — animation, this time — and takes it into adult territory through simple honesty about the way young people suffer from grown-ups’ damage.


Before I Fall 3.0

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Just up the lifeline from kids, you find young adults, and even they got solid treatment this week: Scott gave three stars to the Groundhog Day for teens that is Before I Fall.

Only the voguing doc Kiki failed to impress. (Maybe see Strike a Pose instead when it comes out online?) Of course, that was before Scott went to check in on Table 19 and The Shack today. He'll send the reviews along directly, but it's probably too much to ask for this week's genre basket to contain a fresh rom-com and a hearty faith-based entry on top of everything else.

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