One of the top-grossing Mexican films of all time

And its opposite

You're Killing Me Susana — now showing at Digital Gym Cinema
  • You're Killing Me Susana — now showing at Digital Gym Cinema

Almost every single Mexican telenovela ends with the cliché wedding after a long, tumultuous journey. Roberto Sneider’s film You’re Killing Me Susana (Mexico, 2016, Cuévano Films) is the story of what happens after the “happily ever after.” Its husband and wife are like the antiheroes of Mexico’s idealized “married couple.”


You're Killing Me Susana <em>(Me estás matando Susana)</em> 1.0

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Dark humor spotlights modern machismo through the husband, but the film also introduces a sometimes forgotten character in Mexico, a strong woman, Susana. That translates to a loving but highly toxic (and entertaining) relationship. Playing at the Digital Gym Cinema through March 9. Also available on Online Latino.

Gustavo Loza’s Don’t Blame the Kid (Mexico, 2016, Adicta Films) can’t be more opposite. It has everything Mexican audiences love: a scandalous conflict and the path to true love. Maru, the main character, has a one-night stand, gets pregnant and decides to follow tradition and marry the father — nothing new. But, what shines through the old plot is the ridiculous humor. The film is one of the top grossing Mexican films of all time. Available on Netflix.

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