I.B. ready to sue

Decision tonight?

Most recent trash in border area
  • Most recent trash in border area

The clues are splattered over the documents for the meeting Wednesday night: IB's city council is positioning itself to sue over sewage.

The Wednesday meeting agenda shows that, on June 7, in a part of the meeting closed to public view, the city council voted unanimously to commence litigation. On Wednesday night, they'll agree to hire the San Francisco law firm of Sher Edling, whose website says: Sher Edling LLP represents businesses, cities and other public agencies in high-impact, high-value environmental cases. We combine decades of top level litigation and trial experience with an unwavering dedication to hold polluters accountable for the damage they cause."

The firm specializes in climate change, water contamination, land contamination and loss of bees litigation. "Those who contaminate our water supplies should have to pay those costs – not the landowners, residents and businesses who are victimized by the pollution."

Several massive sewage dumps from Tijuana since February and as recently as May, have the council displaying a fury rarely seen in government — though the two loudest voices are also top players in the environmental groups, Wildcoast and Surfrider. The sewage eventually washed down the Tijuana River and into the ocean, prompting beach closures as far away as Coronado.

The step towards litigation hasn't been much of a secret.

On June 10, Mayor Serge Dedina, with councilman Mark West as his wingman, told an environmental justice confab that "the reality is that the recovery team is not working, we need legal action," Dedina said. "The EPA is not doing its job. The U.S. Attorney's Office is not doing its job, the IBWC is not doing its job, the U.S. Congress is not doing its job......"

Dedina has long called for the resignation of the International Boundary and Water Commission head, Edward Drusina. The commission and Drusina have not responded. He and West have also held a series of rallies with angry IB residents, working up what one activist calls "citizen rage."

But at the same time the council will decide to retain the firm - who the city will target, whether it will be federal agencies including the EPA and/or the International Boundary and Water Commission or Tijuana or the state of Baja California, has not been revealed.

West declined to identify who the city plans to sue because the matter is still in the decision-making process. But, he confirmed there will be a lawsuit.

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Dedina said. "The EPA is not doing its job. The U.S. Attorney's Office is not doing its job, the IBWC is not doing its job, the U.S. Congress is not doing its job......"

Stopped short of saying what the biggest problem is.... Donald Trump is not doing his job. He doesn't even know what his job is. Other than being a human wrecking ball.

Remember folks... the bottleneck is always at the top of the bottle.

Trump's fault, really? Uhhhh... do you know how long this problem has existed? Reagan was president when Brian Bilbray was trying to block the TJ River mouth to keep the aguas negras from getting to IB's beaches, but the sewage spills started long before that. Tijuana is uphill from IB and while there have been some brick and mortar "solutions" over the decades, nothing yet has the scale to stop the biggest crap floods from TJ and you have to wonder what could stop the worst flows?

Maybe a big wall?


Ponzi, (It was not in the story but) the last sentence Serge said in this long quote is "our president has abandoned us." It's in the previous story. I'd have to guess that the president was never 'with' Wildcoast, Surfrider or the city of IB, which, for a few minutes, was a Welcoming City. http://www.cbs8.com/story/33154780/backlash-against-imperial-beachs-welcoming-city-proclamation

Everyone has been dropping the ball on this, so a major lawsuit is certainly the right decision. When a multi-million-dollar judgment could be a possibility, it gets the attention of the pols and incompetent agencies. Just wait until they all point the finger at the others, to save their own skins. Also, the corrupt and bungling country of Mexico should be sued for $1 billion minimum for deliberately dumping toxic sewage onto San Diego's beaches.

Mexico ( their officials) seem to be like a distant cousin thats out of work always looking for a handout .

As long as they keep getting their bribes and kickbacks, the officials want to keep that corrupt system in place.

Circa-1990, a fairly convincing case was made that the treaty and the treatment plant had this old and nagging issue solved. Now it seems that the matter got a band-aid slapped on it, with no real guarantee of no more spills. For one thing, TJ keeps growing, meaning the infrastructure and the plant have to keep pace. My observations of that country is that it cannot keep pace with anything, and it always playing catch-up ball, and only then when it decides to play the game.

I'm inclined to agree with dwbat when he says that a big lawsuit may get some attention. What was lacking for decades, and what is lacking now is the political will to crack down and let our southern bad neighbor know that these spills are completely unacceptable. Oh, and where is the Congressman from that border district in all this? If anyone is positioned to get some action, it is he. That representative is Juan Vargas, who is silent.

good question who is representative Juan Vargas representing ?

I'm wondering if the U.S. doesn't want to "rock the boat" with Mexico over the toxic sewage, because huge companies [Sony, Toyota, Samsung, Kodak, Panasonic, etc.] continue to make $millions via the maquiladoras that are assembling products every day at low cost.

Visduh, the problem is that the population of Tijuana has more than doubled, from about 800,000 in 1990 to more than 1.7 million now - including more than 100,000 U.S. citizens. (I've seen counts as high as 400,000. It's hard to find reliable numbers.) The infrastructure hasn't kept up.

Close the border to all traffic until Mexico upgrades their sewage treatment plant and pays the United States for the damage. I'll bet things change quickly.

Closing the border will hurt all Americans. We are already paying a price for the pollution why burden us even more?

The solution is mandating that the agreements already in place are enforced. Nothing like a law suit to get someone's attention.

seems hard to enforce anything with Mexico without the threat of something monetary

Lance, hope you saw the "Don't Mess With IB" Press Confrence. This is far from over. By the way check out @stopthepoopib or the FB Page I have a tshirt design I have been wearing. It has been a big hit around IB.

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