Former Chipotle co-CEO to revamp La Jolla home

Remodel to Barber Tract home will increase home by 4000 square feet.

Moran purchased the former home of UC San Diego co-founder Roger Revelle in 2012 for $8.5 million.
  • Moran purchased the former home of UC San Diego co-founder Roger Revelle in 2012 for $8.5 million.
  • Coldwell Banker

Former Chipotle co-CEO Montgomery Moran, who stepped down from his role in the burrito chain in December 2016, looks to add 4000 square feet on to his La Jolla home at 7348 Vista Del Mar Avenue.

Last month, the city of San Diego notified local residents of Moran's intentions to add to his home which is located in La Jolla's posh Barber Tract community, near the vacation home of former governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

According to the city's notice, Moran, who purchased the former home of UC San Diego co-founder Roger Revelle in 2012, plans to add 1607 square foot addition as well as add 2916 square feet to the basement. Lastly, the remodel will feature an additional 832 square feet in deck space and new landscaping.

In December of last year Chipotle founder Steve Ells announced that Moran was stepping down from his role as co-CEO, a position that Moran had been in since 2009. The announcement came as the burrito chain struggled to right itself after reports of food-borne illnesses at several chain restaurants. Prior to 2009 Moran had served as Chipotle's president and then chief operating officer.

According to a Union-Tribune report, Moran paid $8.5 million for the house in 2012.

Upon review, staff determined that the project will not have any significant impact on the environment.

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I wonder if Moran will be using UberEATS to get some Chipotle meals delivered to his La Jolla crib?

The delivery and service fee sure won't bother him.

Moran was forced out by the board of directors, as they felt the co-CEO structure was just not working anymore, and they wanted founder Steve Ells to be the sole CEO. Moran probably got a hefty golden parachute.

No doubt. For those at the top it is a golden parachute. For those a little farther down it is a golden handshake. For the hourly worker it is a golden shower.

Yes, it's the ol' "trickle down" policy in business.

I wonder if the finished remodel will be 6 bedrooms/22 bathrooms?

Moran is adding 4000 sf to a house that is how big? It's always useful to know the original size of a place that cost $8.5 million to get a sense of the grandiosity of the addition.

The original size is 4,162 square feet (per the "Union-Tribune report" link near the end of the article).

Size matters. Moran is doubling the size of his house, a common practice now in La Jolla-area remodels or rebuilds. Reminds me of our President -- stupid, gross and over-the-top.

Thanks for the comment, Monaghan. The notice says much of the new space is in the basement and is not counted into floor-area-ratio.

"Basements" have become the new end-run around floor-area-ratio regulations. I wonder if anybody ever thinks to test for radon in these "basements," as in other areas of the country below-ground rooms have shown high radon readings. (Radon exposure can cause lung cancer.)

Is the size of the basement included in the additional 4000 sf or in addition to the square feet for the house, FAR being different from the recorded size of a building? At least, that's my understanding of FAR which is relative to the size of the lot. My own home is 1332 sf, not including the garage which is below my townhouse and is pretty sizable.

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