Faulconer’s mid-summer S.F. daydream

“One of California’s rising stars...”

Kevin Faulconer advertises himself as “the new face of California Republicanism” for a San Francisco speech scheduled for August 15.
  • Kevin Faulconer advertises himself as “the new face of California Republicanism” for a San Francisco speech scheduled for August 15.

GOP San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer, who has generally sworn off seeking higher office anytime soon, is popping up August 15 to sing his own praises at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.

“He has focused on improving infrastructure, reducing homelessness and creating neighborhood safety initiatives,” claims the invitation. “Faulconer has maintained his desire to stay in the city, but Republicans in California are eager to put forward strong candidates for the gubernatorial race in 2018. Bring your questions as one of California’s rising stars joins us at The Commonwealth Club for a conversation on the new face of California Republicanism.” Tickets can be had for between $8 and $35.

Meanwhile, San Diego Democrats are using Donald Trump to generate business for a seven-night December fundraising cruise from L.A. to Mexico.

“After a tough year, it’s time for some R&R and I have just the thing!” emails past party chairwoman Francine Busby. I hope that you will join me on the DEM Cruise to the Mexican Riviera featuring special guests Markos Moultsis, founder of Daily Kos and Dr. George Lakoff, distinguished cognitive linguist and author of Don’t Think of an Elephant.”

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Every day is Opposite Day for Kev-boy. He has done nothing to improve infrastructure, reduce homelessness, or create safer neighborhoods; so of course he claims otherwise while on the campaign trail not running for governor.

But even so, calling his old-school back-room dealings to sell out public land and partisan punishment of political opponents a "new face of California Republicanism" is too much of a dissonance to be cognitive.

No Republican has a chance of being the Gov of California in the foreseeable future. And Kev-boy might not have been elected mayor, if Bob Filner had behaved properly around women.

...Or if the local Dems last year hadn't rolled over for Irwin Jacob's "Plaza de Panama 2" fever dream and let Kev run unopposed (or once Ed Harris ran, leave him twisting in the wind) in order to keep collecting that Qualcomm money for other races.

This is how he can have it both ways. He says he isn't running for higher office. Some GOP types come along and start to tout him as a potential candidate for statewide office. He goes along with it, makes his appearance, and starts to get better state recognition. So, he can "run" while being a non-candidate.

As to his chances of landing the governorship, how many of us thought Trump had any chance of getting the GOP nomination, let alone get elected? Stranger things can happen. Actually, I think Kev-boy may be lining himself up for a run for the Senate, or just for a high spot in the national administration.

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