Car-creeper suspect disrupted

"I backed away as she told me, 'It's my car now.’"

The suspect (sitting)
  • The suspect (sitting)

On Wednesday morning (January 10), "Jane" went outside to her car in Point Loma and found it had been ransacked — and the perpetrator was still inside.

“She was just sitting there, with the window cracked,” Jane told me. “I was, like, 'What are you doing?'

“She had expertly picked locks, including removing the Club and opening the trunk,” Jane told me. “I hadn’t noticed her initially — it took me a minute — I had boxes of donations I was going to drop off that day…. I noticed the empty boxes on my other car and the donations were strewn in the street and in the trunk. Also, I covered my car the night before; the cover was found in shreds nearby, so I think she might have torn it off....

Pills, pipes, and tools were among the objects found on the suspect.

Pills, pipes, and tools were among the objects found on the suspect.

“Not expecting to find someone inside, I walked right up to the car at the front of my driveway — somewhat in shock — and asked her what she was doing…. There was something in her hand, which I believed to be a knife, so I backed away as she told me, 'It's my car now.’ I casually walked off to call 911 while she continued to go through the glove compartment.”

About the object in the woman's hand, “I didn’t see it, but she was holding something in her hand and it wasn’t until the next day that my neighbor said he had a couple of his knives stolen — the same type she was arrested with — and one was left on the seat by where her hand was....

“Cops were here quickly. I don’t even think she knew I was calling 911 or [knew I was] the owner of the car…. When she was arrested, the police found that she had multiple knives, several cell phones, and many prescription bottles in various names and burglary tools, as well as a house key and Acura car key, so maybe she had help nearby.”

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