Ambitious slack-liners under O.B. Pier

"We set it up during high tide so we could slack at low tide."

Last week, what looked like red "caution" tape was strung up between two pilings at the far end of the Ocean Beach Pier, a few feet above the water line.

“No there wasn’t any danger…someone had strung up a slack-line,” one of the lifeguards told me. “We removed it.”

The "someone" in question are two guys named Joe — one named Joe Hart and the other Joey Taylor, aka Tribe of Joes.

“We did our research pretty thoroughly to make sure we weren’t breaking any laws,” Joey told me. “The two of us are part of a larger slack-line community here in San Diego. We go to different places, like Balboa Park and Robb Field, but we had a vision and wanted to take it to the next level.

"So we paddled out from the end of Pescadero Street on Friday with the slack line and went straight to the pier. We set it up during high tide so we could slack at low tide…. It took us about an hour and a half to set it up.  And on Saturday [January 7], we rounded up a bunch of friends to come out with us…. I’m a photographer, too, so I busted out my drone and got some amazing shots of it.”

The guys planned another, longer slack line for this weekend. “Yeah that’s why we left it up,” Joey explained. “We plan on doing a longer one this weekend, we want to slack from the T at the end of the pier to the main part.”

Dude, lifeguards took it down.

“They did?” said Joey. “We left it up because it took so long to get it up…looks like we have a change of plans then LOL.”

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Why does the writer assume every reader is going to know what "slacklining" is?

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