Ever-changing gun laws

Poway Weapons wants to get the word out

Following implementation of new California gun laws, Poway Weapons and Gear seeks a social media specialist.
  • Following implementation of new California gun laws, Poway Weapons and Gear seeks a social media specialist.

California’s tight new gun restrictions have created a job opening for a new “social media coordinator” at Poway Weapons and Gear, a range and training center best known for its popular ladies’ nights and a year-ago incident in which a shooter was accidently wounded in the leg.

“The Social Media Coordinator position is not only critical to the growth of our operations and our continual connection to our customers, it is critical to our 2,000+ members as well as our customer base in keeping up with the ever-changing gun laws in California that can make a law-abiding citizen a felon overnight,” says a help-wanted advertisement on LinkedIn.

“PWG teaches over 3,000 students a year how to be safe with firearms and how to protect themselves and their families. PWG hosts and supports over 1,000 law enforcement professionals a year with their training and qualification efforts.”

Two days before Christmas 2015, per an account in the Union-Tribune, “a 12-year-old boy was target shooting with a .22-caliber rifle when he dropped the weapon after a hot bullet casing burned him. When the rifle hit the ground it fired and a round hit a nearby man in the leg.”

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Training prevents ignorance. Dump your Sheriff.

One of the problems with public shooting ranges... you never know who's there. Years and years ago, I was at a range where a group of Japanese exchange students were having a grand ol' time. One fired off some enormous hand-cannon and went staggering back, waving it all over the place right next to me. If it wasn't a single-shot, I'd have disarmed him.

I miss the NRA range in Fairfax... the slightest hint of stupidity and they'll throw you out. I also miss the Sheriff's range on Camp Elliott. I saw them toss people out for careless weapon handling.

IPSC shoots are also much safer, fewer people with a bigger investment. Been a while since I did that.

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