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State medical board disciplines local MDs for misconduct

The executive director of the Medical Board of California has recommended discipline for five county doctors.

The board has recommended that the license of Del B. Dalton of Chula Vista be revoked or suspended. The license had been taken away in 1999 because of sexual misconduct with five female patients, "dishonest and corrupt" behavior, according to the staff report, and his conviction on three counts of sexual battery. He suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and alcoholism.

Dalton went through extensive psychiatric treatment and won back his license after seven years of probation. But now the board's staff says he took the Physician Assessment and Clinical Education Program and did very poorly. So, the executive director recommends that his license be revoked or suspended.

Ziyad Ghabra lost his license in 1993 as a result of sexual misconduct with multiple women, including patients and employees. He was criminally convicted of sexual battery but repeated such activities after a 90-day jail term. He also suffered from pathological gambling. He was denied reinstatement in 1998. Between 2000 and 2013 he practiced in Dubai and Syria but returned to the United States after the Syrian military conflict began. An administrative law judge recommends that his U.S. license be reinstated but that he be on probation for seven years.

The board's executive director recommends that Harish Hosalkar of San Diego go through a hearing that could lead to the revocation or suspension of his license. He is charged with research misconduct: negligent research on adolescents after hip surgery, says the board's executive director.

Marcus Minh Van of Escondido used alcohol to excess and was charged with driving under the influence. The board's executive director recommends that he get five years of probation, abstain from alcohol and controlled substances, and go through psychiatric treatment.

Update/correction (2:10 p.m., 3/7/17)

Marcus Minh Van's case was dismissed, according to his attorney. A previous version stated that he was convicted of driving under the influence and for possession of a controlled substance. The Reader regrets the error.

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